Welcome to another installment of my earnings report in writing and trying to establish enough passive income to help meet some of my dreams. 

I had another month that I just could not find the motivation to publish as many articles as I know I could.  There are many reasons but most are just excuses.  You know what they say about excuses and parts of the body left unmentioned so I am just going to leave the excuses unmentioned in this article as well. 

I hope your month was great or at least better than mine.  I find my inspiration in reading my fellow writer’s earning reports as well as their articles.  There are some amazing writers on here. I will find my motivation again now that I have put motivation into my goals list.  

Goals for June 2013

I had a goal to have 20 pages written on the new eBook that I started this month.  I only got about 5 pages completed.  If anyone has any motivational techniques and information for getting an eBook completed and published I would appreciate it.  In other words, what do you personally do to get an eBook published? 

I had a goal of writing 15 articles this month.  I only wrote 3 and they were all in the first week of the month.  There will have to be some changes in my attitude about this and I think I have a way to change my thinking.

I still need to add videos to quite a few of my articles.  This is something I want to do to enhance the quality of my articles for the reader’s enjoyment.  I don’t even have a good excuse for this, because this is very easy to do.  MoneyCredit: www.forbes.com

I wanted to write many more post in Bubblews but a combination of lack of personal motivation and the fact they were having a lot of upgrade downtime, lead me to not even publishing a single post on there this month.  However, it was truly passive income if you look at the “Show Me the Money” section of this article.  

I wanted to increase the number of views for my articles by promoting them more.  I did not do any promotion but did have a decent month of views from people.  I think a couple of my articles must be getting higher for some keyword research, but I have not taken the time to look.  I am getting some good organic views for a few of my articles. 

I wanted to make at least one sale on Amazon.  This one sale has eluded me for my entire time on Infobarrel.  I know it will come and I will be elated when it does.  

I know I am being critical of myself in these article reports, but I know that is they way I grow.  I understand the way I work and having to write this for anyone to see will help motivate me eventually.  

Show Me the Money

I am from Missouri, the Show-Me State.  I need to be shown the money or at least the motivation to keep going on.  Money is not really my motivator but it does give me tangible goals to strive for.  moneyCredit: mombizcoach.com

Income Stream

July 2013

June 2013


Infobarrel Adsense




Infobarrel Tier 2




Personal Website Google Adsense












Total Earnings




I made more money on the Infobarrel Adsense this month than I did last month.  The other areas were all down (except for Amazon which is still at $0).  I do have to admit that I was surprised by Bubblews.  I did not post a single post on there this month but made 8.97 from post I had made in the past.  That was a surprise and a motivational tool I will use this month to help get back on track.  

Goals for August 2013

Okay, I am going to have some of the goals carry over from last month.  I will have more motivation and drive to complete them this month.

I will have 20 completed pages written on my eBook this month.  To do this I will have to write 15 more pages.  That is only about a half a page a day.  I should be able to do this.  It is a topic I know a lot about. 

I will have 15 articles that contain videos by the end of the month.  That means I will only have to put a video on an article once every 2 days. I will write 15 articles for Infobarrel this month.  I already have a good start on this since I have about 5-6 articles in the file that are almost completed and ready to be submitted. 

MoneyCredit: www.huffingtonpost.com

I do not post my goals on here about money or views until after the fact.  I have been setting them too high and have decided to lower my expectations in order to show achievement this month.  I have set my goals a little higher for the amount of views I would like to have.  I know this out of my control a little bit but it will motivate me to do some promotion and keyword research to help get them a little higher. 

I still want to make one sale on Amazon.  I have written a lot of Halloween articles embedded with Amazon modules.  I might not see much this month but I am hoping for more next month and in October to make up for the lull period I have been experiencing. 

I will continue to be support and loving husband to my wife Mandy.  I have bought her a rose or a dozen roses on the third of every month since we met.  April the 3rd was the first date we ever had.  We went to a St. Louis Cardinals game.  I remember seeing her and thinking, Wow she is even more beautiful than I remembered.  Today, I look at her and she just keeps getting more beautiful to me.  I love you Mandy.