Welcome to another installment of my earnings report in writing and trying to establish enough passive income to help meet some of my dreams. 

Some months are better than others.  Anytime someone says that you can almost bet it is this particular month that was not necessarily good.  This holds true for me this very month in respects to my writing.  I am even a little embarrassed about doing this report and had contemplated not even doing one a report for June.  I was thinking the people reading this my judge me for some mistakes I have made and lack of motivation.  Psychologically speaking we all think others really care what we are doing, but when it really comes down to it, most people, who do not know you, do not care what you are doing or not doing.  I would venture to say that most people reading this are do so because they want to compare what they did to what others are doing or just to find some motivation to do better themselves.  I understand that.  I hope you can find some kind of motivation is this dismal report.  So here we go.  

This is my sixth month of writing for income.  I have learned some great lessons along the way, most of which I have forgot to do in June or did not have time to do this very month.  I will explain this later and hopefully that will explain at least some of my terrible earnings for June.  I started in January 2013.  I still love it and find the actual writing rewarding in itself. 

Saving moneyCredit: crossmap.christianpost.comI will tell you my goals that I set in my May 2013 earnings report and let you know how I did on them.

Goals for June 2013

I had a goal that I wanted to add videos to 10 of my previously written articles.  I thought this might enhance the article and give the reader some other avenue to look up information on the topic of interest.  I only added videos to 2 articles, which means the goal was not accomplished. 

I said I was going to write 15 articles for Infobarrel in June.  I only managed to write 5 articles.  This is in comparison to the 60+ articles I wrote the previous month.  This goal was not accomplished. 

I think Infobarrel is a great place to write and make some extra money along the way.  I had a goal to help one person get started writing for Infobarrel this month through the referral program.  I did not get anyone signed up.  This goal was not accomplished.

I wanted to have 6000 views of my articles on Infobarrel.  I managed to get to 5227.  I am grateful for the people who are reading my articles, but I really need to do more to drive more traffic to my articles.  This goal was not accomplished. 

I wanted to make one sale on Amazon through their affiliate program this month.  I did not accomplish this goal.  However, with some advice from a fellow Infobarrel writer, I have a plan of how to get at least my first sale.  So even though this goal was not accomplished, it provided a learning opportunity.  Therefore, I am going to categorize this as a win.  

I had a plan to take a smaller break from Infobarrel after the previous month, but to work on an Ebook that I have many ideas for.  My goal for this was to pick the topic; do the keyword research, and write at least 30 pages on that Ebook. I picked the topic of bullying, did the keyword research and wrote 10 pages on that Ebook.  I stopped that one abruptly when the idea to do an Ebook over depression took my fancy.  I did the keyword research on it and wrote 5 pages on it.  I did not meet the 30 pages total even on either Ebook.  I was chasing two rabbits and catching none.  This goal was not accomplished and the lesson learned was to focus on just one Ebook at a time.

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Show Me the Money

I am from Missouri, the Show-Me State.  I need to be shown the money or at least the motivation to keep going on.  Money is not really my motivator but it does give me tangible goals to strive for. Making moneyCredit: www.forbes.com

Income Stream

June 2013

May 2013


Infobarrel Adsense




Infobarrel Tier 2




Personal Website Google Adsense








Infobarrel Contest








Total Earnings



-$77.45 (-$27.45)


As you can tell all areas are down, except for Amazon, because it was never up to go down.  The total earnings are down $77.45 but I did not go for the contest this month, so taking away that $50 from last month, I am still down $27.45.

I have a few reasons for the poor earnings; some are good reasons, but really only an excuse. 

My wife and I opened our home up for a child in foster care.  This is our first foster child and he is not Passive Income, Lol.  I wanted to give him the support he deserves during this time of adjustment to this new home.  I did a lot of my writing at night and did not get to do this a lot.  I see this as partly an excuse though, because I could have found more time if I really wanted to. 

I was sick a while this month and my eardrum ruptured and I still cannot help. I do not know why this is a good reason to not write, but I felt like crud and just did not want to do it.  I know this is an excuse.  I actually missed 2.5 days of work from the problem with the ears.  I could have occupied the time with some writing. 

My only true and reasonable excuse is that I was very unmotivated this month to do much writing.  I said early on in this earning report, I was embarrassed about the dismal earnings.  This is why.  However, being the psychologist that I am, I know writing this report and having to write about the negative stuff will motivate me to work harder next month, so I do not have to write another one of these reports with these bad of numbers and admit my mistakes and lack of motivation. 

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Goals for July 2013

Okay, I am going to have some of the goals carry over from last month.  I will have more motivation and drive to complete them this month.

I will finish writing one Ebook this month.  I will concentrate on just one of the topics to get it complete.  I will have to do some research to educate myself on the submission and marketing of Ebooks.

I will have videos on 15 pervious articles this month.  I had a goal for 10 last month and only did 2, so I need to do 13 more this month.  That seems easy now that I will be more motivated.

I will write 10 articles for Infobarrel this month.  I had 15 as a goal last month.  However, I still need to give the new foster son, our three children, my wife, and myself some attention.  Ten seems like a good number.

I want to do some things to get 7,500 views to my articles this month.  Writing new articles should help.  Using more of the social medias should help.  Promotion in a good way will help as well. 

I want to make $15 off of Google Adsense this month.  I know this should not be a goal Money treeCredit: library.thinkquest.orgbecause I cannot control if other people will click on the ads, but I want to have it in my mind as something to be on the look out for.  I want to make $3 on Tier 2 ads from Infobarrel.  I think this is attainable if I can get people to the articles and the ad placements are relevant to the readers.  At least I can wish for it. 

I want to make $50 from Bubblews.  This can be easily done if I just write a post or two a day.  I was making 20-30 cents on days that I did not even post anything on there. 

I still want to make one sale on Amazon.  I have some new information and will try some of it this month.  I think one sale can be accomplished if I follow the wise sage’s advice. 

I will continue to tell my wife and children I love them.  This is worth more than any money and those words last for the rest of mine and their lives.  You never know how much telling someone how much you love them can change them at that time.  You never really know what they are thinking and it might just be those words from you at that time, which will make the difference.  There is nothing more valuable than that.  I love you Mandy, Sarah, Hannah, Mason, and our foster son.