Well, another May has come and gone and it has been a very busy month online and off.  I have some very high goals for my online writing and met some of them and did not meet some. This is my second earning report and my 5th month of writing for passive income.  I started in January of 2013.

I am still what I consider a newbie and most of the lessons that I learned this month, I received either directly or indirectly from people who have been at Infobarrel for a long time.  I appreciate this and hope those people will have continued success.  They are doing things the right way.  The best way to find out what is at the end of the road is to those that are coming back. 

May was different from April and June will be a great learning month as well.  In this article I will tell you what I earned in May.  I will compare it to April only for the reader to see.  As I sit here typing this, there are no comparisons for the months. 

I will tell my goals and why I believe I did or did not meet them.  I will tell some things I learned this month and how I will build on that.  And finally, I will tell what my goals are for June 2013. 

Goals and Lessons learned for May

Lessons LearnedCredit: christianfaithatwork.com

At the beginning of the month I set a goal to write 15 articles for the month of May.  But then I got caught up in the chance of winning the contest offered at Infobarrel.  I figured I had a really good chance of winning it.  I switched this goal write 50 articles, because I really wrote the first 15 fast.  I had a bunch of ideas in my head and they seemed to flow very well.  However, while doing this I realized that sometimes people sacrifice quality for quantity.  I was not willing to do that just to win a contest at Infobarrel.  I do not write for money.  I achieved my goal of writing 50 articles.  I actually wrote 65.  But what I am most proud of is that none of those articles were writing just to win a contest.  Every article was above 1000 words and every article was “green” based on Infobarrel’s grading system.  Goal Accomplished. Lesson Learned.

Speaking of Green.  That was another one of my goals for this month.  I went back and made every article that I had written and every article that I eventually wrote “into the green.”  I added pictures to every article.  I made it my goal to add at least 3 to each article.  Goal accomplished.

Another goal for this month was to not write any article that is under 1000 words.  I was not going to add “fluff” but I wanted the article to provide enough material the reader could get a grasp on the presented topic.  I also had a goal of going back and adding information to articles I had written that were not quite 1000 words.  I did so to all articles with the exception of three.  One of those three articles was even a featured article this month.  I learned that if an article is quality, then it does not have to be 1000 words.  I am still going to strive to make all articles 1000 words in the future, but it will not be a goal anymore.  Goal accomplished.  Lesson Learned.

I also broke another rule of goal setting this month.  Goals should be things for yourself.  I made a goal of having a certain number of views of my article this month.  Well, even though I can do things to influence this, I cannot control it.  Therefore, it is not a goal.  It is a wish.  I did reach the number of views I wanted and blew it out of the water.  I think my other goals were what helped the views.  This is a lesson learned. 

I had a goal of adding Amazon modules to every article newly written and go back and add to those already written for a total of at least 75.  I have 92 articles with Amazon modules on them.  That leaves 18 without.  That is a goal for next month.  Goal Accomplished

I wanted to use quite a few back linking strategies.  Some I accomplished and some I did not.  I wanted to use StumbleUpon for at least 50 articles.  I met this goal.  I wanted to put backlinks on my personal website to my Infobarrel articles.  I did not accomplish this. 

I had a goal to redeem at least one time on Bubblews.  I did accomplish this goal and was almost set to redeem again.  This was very easy.  I do not think there is very much quality work on Bubblews.  It is just a site to make some money.  However, I am going to take the money I earned and reinvest it in other endeavors.  The end justifies the means.

At the beginning of the month I had a goal of finishing in the top 3 for an Infobarrel Contest. About halfway through the month, I decided to have the goal of winning an infobarrel contest.  This was a mistake.  I got wrapped up in writing for the contest and did not write for the reader.  I went down to the wire.  As I was writing this goals article I was monitoring the contest.  I seen that another person was going to win by one point.  I was ahead until within the last hour or two.  I could have written one or two more articles.  I actually have 5 works in progress right now.  But I decided not to.  It is not worth putting out bad articles just to win a contest. Poor work is never a goal.


Show me the money

Online MoneyCredit: themoneyguide.caMoney is not the goal.  Having passive income to do the things I want with the money is the goal.  However, for simplicity’s sake I will talk about it being a goal here. 

I had a goal of making $15 from my Infobarrel Google Adsense account.  I wanted to make $1 from the tier 2 account.  I wanted to make $1 from my personal website account.  I wanted to make one sale of at least 1 cent from my Amazon account.  I wanted to make $25 from the Bubblews account.  This would be a total of $42 of income from writing and having an online presence.  Let’s see how I did.

Income Stream

May 2013

April 2013


Infobarrel Adsense




Infobarrel Tier 2




Personal Website Google Adsense








Infobarrel Contest








Total Earnings





Infobarrel Adsense seemed to be way down.  There were very few zero days.  However, it seemed like most clicks were only getting $.01.  I got a lot of click but at 1 cent it takes a lot to add up.  I do not know the reason for this.  If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

My Tier 2 account with Infobarrel went up dramatically and I really do not know the reason for this either.  I do hope it continues though. I simply got my personal website going and it brought in a little bit. 

Bubblews was my big earning surprise this month.  I did not work this or post much on there and still did okay with it.  I am going to try and do more with it next month, but I have some good goals for next month that might interfere with it. 

I had a goal to make one sale on Amazon, even if it was for only 1 cent.  I did not accomplish this goal.  I had 14 clicks but no sales. 

I got second place on the Infobarrel contest and that brought in $50.  This will not be a goal ever again, so that money will need to be made up somewhere next month if I want to continue to increase the passive income.  Speaking of goals for next month, let’s just jump right in there.

Goals for June 2013

GoalsCredit: allthingsd.com

I will write at least 15 articles for Infobarrel. This is down from what I did do this month but other goals will be taking precedence this month.

I will finish up my ebook this month and have it submitted to sale on Amazon and well as available for sale on my website.  To accomplish this I have to get the website ready for this by adding on all the feature to be able to sale.  If anyone has any information on the best services to use for this send me a link and I will consider it.  I will use affiliate links from Infobarrel users only unless, I do not like the service or company they recommend. 

I will read and comment on at least two Infobarrel articles per day.  I will read every new post on the forum to keep up with what all my peers are doing.  I have found this to be a valuable resource for this site.

I will have at least one post on Bubblews each day.  Hopefully this will increase the revenue there, which I will reinvest to obtain the services for my ebook.

I will backlink articles to my personal website and work on it a lot more this month.  I will also continue to use other sources of backlinking for my articles here on Infobarrel. 

I am going to have at least 50 articles linked to other articles on Infobarrel, whether they are my articles or someone else’s.  I am going to add videos to at least 25 articles to increase the information for the reader. 

My Wishes

I want to make at least $15 off of Infobarrel articles from Adsense.  I want to increase the Tier 2 income to $3.  I want to make at least $10 off my personal website.  I want to sell at least one item on Amazon.  I want to redeem two times on Bubblews.



Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think.  I am open to constructive criticism.  I appreciate all helpful advice.  Like I said above, I am puzzled why Google Adsense clicks have mainly only been for 1 cent.  If you have any insight to this please let me know.  I need to know what to do to increase this.  I hope June will be a better month for all of us.  Take care of yourself and others.  Make today and everyday a great day.