So What Is This Incredible Diet Pill That Works So Well?

Dr. Oz's new diet pill is all the rave! But belive it or not, it is not really a diet pill at all.  It only works like a diet pill because of the effects it has on your body to motivate quick and effective weight reduction. According to a 2009 article written by Dr. Oz on his website, this so called "diet pill" is actually just a diet. A very effective diet, but a diet non-the-less.  For your best weight loss program all you do is choose the same thing you like to eat for breakfast and another healthy meal you like to eat for lunch and then keep eating the same things over and over again. He calls it "meal repetition." Together with drinking Puerh tea or a white tea or even green tea and eating Flax seeds, you can put together a really good diet to help you lose weight. Make sure you check with your doctor or family practitioner before changing your diet or starting a new weight loss plan.

Dr Oz is the author of "YOU: On a Diet," and works in conjunction with Weight Watches to help millions of Americans lose weight, put together their best weight loss program, understand BMI and waist management and just plain stay healthy.  He also have many great recipes to fit into any weight reduction program such as his "Turbo Diet Soup," and  Belly-Blasting New Years Soup".  His Weight Loss Commandments also help you keep trim and give you great advice on what to do and not to do when you are trying to lose weight.

Although, Dr. Oz does promote the effectiveness of African Mango as a great addition to any weight reduction program, he says that sticking to meal repetition minimizes your food choices so that you lose more weight.  Think about it, you already know what you are going to eat every day.  Your grocery bill will diminish and you can make sure your meals are packed with the nutrition that you need to nourish your body.  You can design your own breakfast and your own lunch with the things that you like to eat and that are healthy for you too. 

When you design your own weight loss program, calories are usually restricted to anywhere from 1200 to 17oo calories depending on your current weight, height and activity level.  Always make sure you talk to a doctor before you reduce the amount of calories you intake and never just go on a blanket calorie restricted diet that you may see in women's or cooking magazines.  Each body is different, so your best weight loss program has to be calculated correctly to fit your particular body and nutritional needs.

Dr. Oz also advises that you REMOVE the following from your weight reduction program:

  • Saturated fats – this is any fat that comes from an animal, this also includes oils like palm oil and coconut oil.  Use olive oil or safflower oil instead.
  • Hydrogenated fat (trans fat) – these fats are usually found in soybean oil and corn oil
  • Simple sugars – anything ending in "ose" like "fructose"
  • White flour "enriched" products
  • Don't eat anything that has 4 grams of sugar or more in each serving

Always check with your doctor before starting any weight loss program, takingnatural weight loss or diet pills or doing strenuous exercise. 

 You can make this adventure really fun.  losing weight does not have to be tiresome, mundane and boring.  Even though you are eating the same type of foods, you can still jazz it up a little with spices and garnishes.  Make sure the spices and garnishes you use have little calories and helps the calorie burn.  This is easy to do.  Just have fun, keep focused, love who you are and also who you want to be and then, just do it!

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