Dress as a Dr. Seuss Character for Halloween or Your Next Book Project

If you are looking for a unique way to dress your child or yourself for trick or treating, here are some Dr. Seuss Halloween costume ideas for kids. Dr. Seuss and his zany illustrated characters lend themselves to creating some fun and funny Halloween costumes that are sure to get you noticed as you walk around the neighborhood!

Dr. Seuss Halloween costumes for kids and adults can be homemade or store bought. It is not difficult to come up with ideas to dress your children, no matter how old they are! 

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing 1 Halloween Costume(61731)Credit: www.amazon.comWho can forget those pesky troublemakers Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the classic book “The Cat in the Hat“? This Halloween costume is perfect for twins or children who are close in age and size.

You can easily make this Dr. Seuss costume for kids by purchasing red sweatshirts and sweatpants. If the weather is really cold, you can put red turtlenecks on underneath the sweatshirts and thermal pants under the sweatpants. For the names on the front, simply buy white felt from the craft store and cut it out in a circle. With a black Sharpie marker, write “Thing 1” and “Thing 2”. You can hot glue it to the sweatshirt, sew it on, or use fusible webbing that sticks to fabric when heated.

For the hair, you can spike it up and buy blue colored hair spray. Or you can buy any kind of blue wig and fix it up yourself. If you cannot find a blue wig, then buy a white one and color it blue with hair spray.

                                              The Cat in the Hat


The Cat in the Hat Accessory SetCredit: www.amazon.comWhy not join in on the fun and dress as The Cat in the Hat? This is easy and inexpensive to implement.

The classic red and white striped hat and other Cat in the Hat costume accessories can be found in many stores as well as online. For the outfit, simply buy black sweatpants and a black sweatshirt. To make the white front, you can buy white felt or white “fur” material from the craft store and adhere it on with glue, adhesive or by sewing.

If you are crafty, you can make a trick-or-treat bag out of a white pillow case. Simply add red fabric around it to make stripes and you match! Or you can paint the stripes on both sides. Since you probably won’t use it again, you can use any kind of paint and then wash.

                          One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish


One FIsh, Two FIsh Dr. Seuss ToyCredit: www.amazon.comThis idea for a Dr. Seuss Halloween costume is great for groups and families. Simply buy poster board in the color you need. One fish is white, two fish is green, and you can figure out red fish and blue fish.

Draw a large fish shape and cut it out. You can copy and enlarge pictures of the Dr. Seuss eyes and paste them to the fish. Or is you want, you can copy the picture over many times and paste it to the body of the fish.

Depending on which fish you are, write “One Fish” or “Two Fish” etc.

Make holes in the top of the costume and pull string through it to hand around your neck.

                                          Mr. Brown and Mrs. Brown

                                            Mr. Brown and Mr. Black

Mr. Brown Can MooCredit: www.amazon.comFor a couple, you can easily make a Halloween costume of the married pair Mr. Brown and Mrs. Brown, from Dr. Seuss’ “Hop on Pop”. In addition to brown pants and brown shirts, you will need circle glasses, a moustache, and a brown hat.

If you are two guys, you can be Mr. Brown and Mr. Black from “Hop on Pop”.

                                                     Sam I Am

Sam I AM Tote BagCredit: www.amazon.com

Who doesn’t remember being read the classic Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham”? You can create your Halloween costume for this character a variety of ways.

In the book, Sam is wearing a long yellow shirt and appears to have white pants. Buy your child an extra large yellow shirt and wear white jeans or leggings. Make a red hat.

On a lightweight tray that you can buy at the party store, glue green eggs and ham. You can buy play eggs and color them green, as well as a ham. Don’t forget a large fork sticking into the ham!

                                                         Horton the Elephant

Horton Hears a Who CostumeCredit: www.amazon.com

Horton is a much loved Dr. Seuss character. You can make your won elephant costume with gray sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt, and make a trunk and tail. Or you can buy a Horton hat or costume. Do not forget to put a fink fuzz ball at the end of the trunk!

      The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who

The Grinch Halloween CostumeCredit: www.amazon.comFeeling a little devilish on Halloween? The get a big sack for your candy and dress as the meanest Dr. Seuss villain, the Grinch. 

If you or your child is not into wearing a mask, then all you need to make yourself green is some green Halloween makeup. Make sure to darken your eyebrows and arch them in a mean way.

If you can borrow a Santa suit, then you are set to go as the Grinch. All you need is the top and pair it with black pants. If no Santa suit is available, then you buy one and use it again at Christmas!

For Cindy Lou Who, you will need pink pajamas, preferably one piece with the zipper. Put your hair in pony tails and carry around a large Christmas ornament.

These Dr. Seuss Halloween costume ideas for kids and adults are easy to create and fun to wear. With so many choices, you will have costume ideas for many years to come!

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