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Interactive books for the young at heart of all ages, spill over the shelves at the iTunes book app store.  With so much competition, it's fascinating that the one constant digital favorite that keeps a foothold at the top of the charts, is the growing collection of Dr. Seuss installments from Oceanhouse Media.  

If you're lookng for Christmas gift ideas, check out the selection at the book app store.  That's what educators, parents, and Seuss fans of every age did in 2010, resulting in a runaway hit for the very first Dr. Seuss book app, How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  The young digital company that hit the home run was smart.  Instead of breaking out the champagne and lazing on tropical islands after their huge success, they went to work giving Seusss fans even more to celebrate.  Visit the app store today and you'll find 25 Dr. Seuss books, three games and three camera apps to choose from.  And there’s more on the way. 

Dr. Seuss Book Apps

The secret to the Dr. Seuss apps' success, is it's ability to pack so much quality and fun into such a small device.  Viewed on the iPod Touch, iPhone, or the larger screen of the iPad, the familiar and colorful art, text and charming rhymes from the original Dr. Seuss published books come to life with sound effects and interactive features.  Mom and Dad or little hands from Generation App can touch the screen to hear words and images sounded out and zoomed up when tapped, an effective way to help younger readers connect sounds, letters and their meanings.  With "auto play" the Onesies crowd can just kick back for hands-off entertainment. 

Young Seuss reader


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Meanwhile parents can rest assured their child is viewing enriching, family oriented material.

It’s exciting to know the delightful Dr. Seuss legacy lives on in this digital media, delivering an enhanced reading experience for all generations.  And the stories have become even more conveniently portable.  When else have you ever been willing to carry around a full library of Dr. Seuss stories?  In addition, today’s compact devices give children yet another platform for not only learning to read, but becoming familiar with current technology.  And it’s all packaged in a handy, entertaining, multi-media gizmo.

The available Dr. Seuss book apps list is generous and includes some popular and memorable stories like the Cat In The Hat, Horton Hears a Who, Green Eggs and Ham, and Yertle The Turtle.  Many more in the list include laugh-out-loud rhymes, tongue twisters and stories with important messages, life lessons for young minds. 

Dr. Seuss App Options

app options

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Three options are offered to adapt the app to your reading style. 

• Click on “read it myself” and go through the book by swiping to turn pages without voiceover.  The “i” icon on the front page will take you to a screen where you can turn off the sound effects before you begin. 

• Select the “read to me” feature to prompt a voice to narrate the story for you with each word being highlighted in the process.   A remarkable learning tool.


highlighted words

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• Ideal for very tiny tots is the “auto play” option, which will automatically read the book and turn the pages as though the child were watching a movie.

The Seven “Lost” Stories [730]  [731]

Between the years of 1948 and 1959, Dr. Seuss created seven works that were published in magazines but never in book form.  A few of the stories were discovered in vintage magazines on eBay in 2001 and successful efforts were made to find the remaining lost works.  If you have knowledge of these stories, you either have excellent recall or are a collector, because they have been unavailable for 50 years.  

Recently, Oceanhouse Media published the seven story treasure trove of fun as a single book app called The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories.   Titles include:

The Bippolo Seed

The Bear, the Rabbit, and the Zinniga-Zanniga

Gustav the Goldfish

Tadd and Todd

Steak for Supper

The Strange Shirt Spot

The Great Henry McBride

From the greedy cat in Bippolo seed, to the tiny goldfish that eventually outgrows every container in Gustav the Goldfish, these stories and their fanciful characters provide entertainment for readers of all ages.  Destined to become new favorites, the stories in this collection are shorter than the single book app stories but just as colorful and expertly presented.  The first Dr. Seuss book to be released in both digital and physical form, Bippolo Seed has been published by Random House and is available in book stores.

Dr. Seuss Camera Apps

There’s more than a few giggles in store with the three Dr. Seuss camera editions - Happy Birthday, The Grinch, and The Cat in the Hat.   Families can use personal photo images to create Seuss themed birthday cards with artwork and rhyming messages like, “There’s no one alive who is you-er than you!”   This app is free!

Are you a Cindy-Lou Who?  A Grinch?   Insert your face into The Grinch characters and Cat In The Hat.  Dads and Moms can join in!  Send the hilarious images in card form to friends. Each of the camera apps produce impressive results and is easy to use.

Dr. Seuss Game Apps

Grinchmas!, Up With Fish!, and Lorax Garden are three game apps available at the iTunes store. 

Grinchmas! - A game of skill where you take aim at Who-ville.  Feel generous?  Throw presents.  Feeling Grinch-like?  Throw snowballs.

Up With Fish! – The Cat In The Hat needs your help in stacking objects in his tower of fish bowls.  Tilt your device to catch the falling umbrellas, rakes, chairs and other goofy objects.

Lorax Garden - Single-handedly, you can impact the environment.  Help the Lorax regrow new Truffula tree forests by nurturing and watering.  Choose the colors, leaf shapes, then share your creations via email with friends and family.  See your results on a world map.

A Sidebar for Seuss Lovers[732]

As Dr. Seuss said, "Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living; it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope."  And so this article would not be complete without adding this related information about the brilliant Dr. Seuss sculpture garden.

If you’re a lover of Dr. Seuss art and stories and live, or are planning a visit to Southern California, travel through the magnificent tribute to the man at the landmark Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. 

Sculpture garden

You might feel somewhat like little Alice roaming through the exquisite, bronze sculptures measuring from 5’ to 8’ tall.  Positioned throughout the gardens on the hotel’s grounds, the collection was first unveiled in 2009, after which it traveled to locations throughout the United States.  It has recently returned to its original location, very near the home of the late Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss.  It is reported that Dr. Seuss could see the hotel from his studio and was inspired to create his painting, “I Dreamed I Was A Doorman at the Hotel del Coronado”. 

The exhibit is open to the public and will remain at the hotel through December 2011.  Simply walk the grounds and enjoy the immortalized forms of The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch, Sam I Am, and more.  Bring along your apps and become fully emmersed in the world of Dr. Seuss.