If you own a draft horse its important that you always buy high quality draft horse saddles for the horse. If you found this article via the search engines you already know that a draft horse is, it's an heavy horse that is bred to do heavy and manual tasks such as farm labor and ploughing. So good quality saddles are so important not just for you the horse owner, but for the comfort of the horse. A horse that is comfortable is going to work harder which is going to lead to an easier life for you. One of the best places to buy this type of horse saddle has got to be online. Let's take a quick look at just four draft horse saddles that you can purchase online at the time of writing this article.

Draft Horse SaddlesThe first saddle that we are going to look at is the Abetta Draft Horse Saddle. This fantastic all rounder is manufactured from tough fiber that is built onto an acu suede seat. It has a 2.5 inch pleasure style horn, a 4 inch high back cantle, an 8 inch gullet and a 7/8 inch nylon leather half breed rigging that has stainless steel dees. It doesn't end there though. It also has a 2 inch pro tuff bell stirrups, sliver engraved conchos all of which is covered with a durable scratch resistant cordura nylon over a closed cell foam which is excellent for absorbing shock. This saddle will cost you just under 500 dollars, the color of the saddle is black and it's a 16 inch saddle which weighs around 20 pounds.

The second saddle that we are going to look at is the Big Horn Draft Horse Saddle. Again this is another 16 inch saddle and is made from fiberglass covered wood tree which has been designed specifically for draft horses. The rigging of the saddle is a double stainless steel dropped D, the cantle is 4 inch, the gullet is 8 inch and the trim is oak leaf border with silver conchos. The color of the saddle is brown and it weighs around 55 pounds. This horse saddle is quite a bit more expensive than the first model that we looked at coming in at just over one thousand dollars.

The third saddle that we are going to take a closer look at is the King Series Draft Horse Saddle. This saddle has been built on a 5yr guaranteed tree which has a padded leather seat and neoprene skirts. The saddle has laced stirrups and D clips for all your attachments. The cantle is 5 inch pencil roll, the rigging in skirt, the gullet 8.5 inches and the weight of the saddle is 26 pounds.

The fourth and final saddle on our list is the Hilason Western Draft Horse Saddle. This very attractive looking saddle, has been manufactured on a tough and durable fiberglass tree which has been made specially for draft horses. Due to its fantastic shape this saddle fits the draft horse perfectly and offer the horse and the rider fantastic comfort. The saddle is made from leather and the stirrups have blevin buckles which allow for quick change in lengths. The rigging is dee's inskirt, the cantle is 4 inch, the horn is 2.5 inch and the base of the saddle is high quality synthetic wool. The extras on this wonderful draft horse saddle are the stirrups and matching fenders.