Taking a Good Look at the Big Four Draft Horses

Draft Horse For Sale Picture2CLYDESDALE
Everyone's fair favorite, these flashy animals are my favorite true draft, and easiest to spot in a crowd due to their high stepping fancy gait. Exceptional Harness animals, Clydesdales have been around for over three hundred years and originated in Clydesdale Scotland. Usually Bay or black with high white stockings with white faces, Clydesdales universally are carriers of the Sabino color pattern.This is what causes the white markings on all of the animals. They became a mascot for Budweiser, and have starred in countless beer commercials for the company, with six ten horse teams showing all over the world.
The old world giant in every sense of the word, the Shire is the tallest of the modern breeds standing at up to 18 hands high at the withers and weighing in at up to a ton a piece. They were active war machines in their native country of England, until of course the invention of the modern gun. Teams of draft horses are used today in modern logging, the horses can get in and out of places large machinery has trouble maneuvering. Many small farms find these large sound horses more economical for farming small acreages, not being able to justify the huge expense of modern machinery and equipment for such small plots. The old world giant is making a comeback.
Or the Brabant horse, obviously hails from Belgium and is one of the world's most powerful animals. The heaviest on record was a horse named Brooklyn Supreme, who weighed in at over thirty two hundred pounds and stood over nineteen hands tall at the withers. Typically Chestnut flaxen in color, they are stocky and have a very thick neck with a neat smallish head and well tipped ears .Unlike the Shire, these horses were originated for farming, not war. Importing in mass from Europe to the United States ended at the start of World War Two.
Draft Horse For Sale PicturePERCHERON
This is a French breed, and is typically considered to be the cross between an Old English Forest Horse and an Arabian, thus giving the breed its distinctive gait and head. Extremely versatile as breeds go, they are used for logging, farming, showing, jumping, Fine Harness, and in the past, for war. Large soft eyes, finely featured faces, a shorter stockier body, and the usual grey or black color are what one is used to seeing in the average Percheron, and sixteen to seventeen hands is the normal height. Many live well into their twenties, and have long, healthy working life spans.

If you're interested in a draft horse for sale you have many choices to choose from to fit your lifestyle. Any one of these would make a fine horse gift.