Jeans are virtually worn by everyone that owns a Motorcycle these days.The risk of injury is high and often just around the corner so all riders need to give themselves more protection. When wearing a normal pair of jeans you will be hurt as your bike skids and you slide across the bitumen.Even at a slow speed the normal jeans will tear off as soon as you connect with the roadside and that is when your skin takes the brunt of the slide.




Can you imagine sliding across the bitumen with your bare skin on days with over 40degree temperatures?You can hardly walk barefoot on the pavement on such days. So can you imagine what will happen to your skin as you skid across the pavement at between 20 to 60kilometers per hour in this searing heat?




Draggin-Jeans Protective clothing





That is why Draggin-Jeans are so perfect for the motorcycle riders.They offer you far more protection against injury with their Kevlar lining.From the outside they appear no different to a normal pair.And they are not lacking in style or design.




The Kevlar lining is on the inside positioned where it counts in case of a spill or slide out on your motorcycle.The majority of motorcycle riders prefer wearing jeans because of the ease and comfort they offer.The Draggin Jeans are no different; they are in fact designed with the riders comfort in mind.The waist at the back is high enough not to leave a gap for that chill to creep in while the front is low enough not to create creases or tightness across the stomach.





Some of these Jeans offer removable hip protection; this means you have protection while riding, then you remove, so they are versatile and suitable for any occasion.




Big Men's Draggin Jeans with Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans

These Big men's Draggin Jeans are handmade in the USA, prewashed and pre shrunk.


Women's Modern-Fit Draggin' Jeans with Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans

The Kevlar covers your knees and wraps around the most needed areas for your protection.

Like with any jeans measure a pair of your own jeans to compare and make sure you choose the right size.







Draggin' Jacket with Kevlar Denim Motorcycle Jacket

These jackets also provide you with comfort and Kevlar protection on hot or cold days.





Draggin Jeans also make Shirts, caps and many other products for you to choose from if you are a dedicated Motorcycle Rider