Bioware has led the way for romance options in video games, most notably with the games Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Like its predecessor, Dragon Age 2 romance options are available for everyone, whether you’re straight, gay or want a little bit of everything. There are 4 main romance options that are all bisexual, but there are other Dragon Age 2 romance options you may not know about. 

Spoilers will be contained within! Do not read if you do not want spoiled.
Dragon Age 2 Romance Options
Credit: Bioware for the tools and characters; live screenshot from game



The extra character received by early preorders, and available as a DLC for those who want to fork over the extra money, is a purely heterosexual romance option. He is the prince of Starkhaven, but was promised to the Chantry most of his life. As such, he’s a very mild and… unromantic option (not even a kiss from this man), though his flustered reactions to a female Hawke’s flirting is adorably priceless. In order to romance Sebastian you must choose the romance options as they come up. In the end, you must kill a specific mage that does something bad and side with the Templars in order to get a relationship. From there, it depends on if you are in a rivalry romance or a friendly one. If you are friendly, Sebastian will want to stay in Kirkwall and become a Brother of the Chantry, and asks that you become a Sister so that you can be together properly. That’s right, that is probably the saddest of the Dragon Age 2 romance options. If you are in a rivalry, however, he will go on to become King of Starkhaven, with you, as Viscount, at his side. 




If you accepted the mission from Nuncio to hunt down a dangerous Crow assassin, I think you knew what was going to happen when you chased down that assassin elf. Did you know you can, yet again, have a fling with the handsome elf? Actually, he’s not handsome at all in Dragon Age: Origins without a mod, but he doesn’t look half bad in Dragon Age 2, and he is, as always, his charming self. Help Zevran kill Nuncio and when you talk to him, if you have flirted with him during the previous dialogue, he will offer to ‘get to know’ the Warden better. It may just be a fling, but as far as Dragon Age 2 romance options go, Zevran isn’t broody or carrying around a ton of baggage. And those ‘nimble fingers’, who can say no?




No matter who you really want to romance in Dragon Age 2, you can still have a hot and steamy fling with the naughty, pierced pirate wench. At the end of the night of fun, Isabela will be sure that you aren’t wanting anything serious. You can easily end things with her right there with no hard feelings, but you can also push for a relationship if you want one. She’ll never move into your mansion with you though, as she prefers the wild, lively scenes of Lowtown.




Merrill is so cute I actually couldn’t bring myself to romance her; it somehow felt like seducing a teenager and thus, illegal. For those who like the cutesy, innocent girls though, she is a great Dragon Age 2 romance option. As long as you always choose the flirt option and assist Merrill with getting the mirror tool, she’ll show up at the mansion to flirt with you. At that point you can have sex with her or kindly turn her aside by saying you think of her as a sister. If you are on friendly terms with Merrill, she gets very upset if you don’t want to continue the relationship; it could ruin the bonus you are getting for being friendly. If you continue the relationship, then during Chapter 3, she’ll move into your mansion with you. 




If you’re a straight, female Hawke, I hope you like the brooding type, because both Fenris and Anders have got a lot of baggage and they love saddling Hawke with it. So if you’re going to be saddled with the baggage, you might as well get some action, right? Fenris is probably the hardest and most confusing of the Dragon Age 2 romance options. You need to always choose the flirt option when speaking to him and when he shows up at your home after the fight with Hadriana, tell him ‘Don’t go’. They will kiss and the lights dim, but no matter whether you are friendly or a rival with him, Fenris will leave after it’s all over. No dialogue options will change this, so don’t worry about saving and redoing it over and over. You didn’t do anything wrong; do not say “So you’re ending it?” unless you want to end the relationship. No, it doesn’t have a reject icon on it, but that seems to be a bug.
From there, to continue the romance, you have to wait until Chapter 3 and you cannot choose to romance someone else  in the meantime. When he finds his sister you need to go to the Hanged Man with him and help defeat Danarius. When he says he’s all alone now, tell him he still has you. This should cause a big, puppy dog-eyed scene. Go to Fenris’s mansion to speak with him and you can discuss continuing the relationship from there. He will never move into the mansion with Hawke though; I guess he likes the 7 year old corpses that litter the stolen mansion.




Anders may not seem quite as brooding as Fenris right out the gate, but as the Dragon Age 2 romance options and stories continue, he becomes more and more agitated by the mage plight. And even if Hawke is siding against him by turning mages over to the Templars or killing them, Anders thinks Hawke should agree with and assist him, even referring to it as ‘our plight’ if you have a mage who is siding against mages. He also seems pretty obsessed with Hawke if you listen to his conversations while romancing other characters. It makes romancing him a bit creepier. 
Anders is easy to romance. Just flirt with him when the options arise and help him during his personal quest in Chapter 2. When you visit him to talk about it there will be more flirt options. Choose these and you’ll receive a kiss and Anders will say he’ll come to the mansion that night. The next time you go to the mansion the romance cutscene will start. If you choose to pursue the romance he will move into the Hawke mansion during Act 3.


Varric and Aveline both have flirt options with them early on, but neither is an actual Dragon Age 2 romance option. Varric is flattered and likes it, but doesn’t mention anything romantic about it while Aveline is completely oblivious even if you smack her in the face with your flirting. 

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