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Dragon Storm is a massively multiplayer online iPhone/iPad Game released on the 7 February 2013 by Glu Mobile. In this fantasy kingdom building and combat game, you play one of the last remaining mortal lords fleeing from the mad dragon-god Shadowclaw and his army of dragons. You must raise a dragon and build a kingdom to reclaim the world from Shadowclaw and his minions.

In the beginning

You start with a kingdom that’s practically empty. The game guides you to create a farm, complete a quest, and train your first troops. After that, you’re free to explore and do whatever you want. A list of quests is available though, so you can simply follow the quests if you’re not sure what to do.

Producing resources

The fortress is the largest building in your kingdom. It allows you to build new buildings as you upgrade it and also gives you more resource plots to build resource buildings on.

Resource buildings such as Forest, Farm, Mine, Quarry, and House produce a set quantity of resources automatically every hour. Production of resources can be increased by either upgrading existing resource buildings or by building new ones on resource plots.

Secondary resource buildings such as Sawmill, Cutter, Windmill, and Smelter let you produce extra resources by creating jobs and claiming the resources produced after a period of time. These have to manually tapped on to collect the resources. You can choose jobs that have durations between 5 minutes to 8 hours. Longer durations produce fewer resources per minute but are great if you don’t feel like staring at the screen all the time.

dragon storm resource buildings

Training and research

The training hall, as its name implies, trains military units. Only the Militia unit is available at first and the rest can be unlocked through research or upgrade. Training consumes resources and takes time.

Research can be carried out at the Wizard’s tower to obtain new technologies that improve production of resources, increase military might, unlock new units, and so on. As you upgrade the Wizard’s tower, you will be able to carry out higher levels of research.

dragon storm training

Defense and attack buildings

The sentry provides a percentage defense against attacks and allows you to station troops on it to defend your kingdom. Upgrading the sentry gives a higher percentage defense and allows more defenders.

The vault protects your resources when you are attacked. A higher level vault protects more sources from being looted.

The oracle warns about incoming attacks. Upgrading the oracle gives you earlier warnings as well as more information about the troops in the attacking army.

The Musterpoint is used in PvP and allows more troops to be sent out to attack other players. By upgrading your musterpoint, you are able to send out more troops in each attack.

Raising your dragon

Your dragon can be upgraded in the same way as a building. If you are currently upgrading a building, you will not be able to upgrade your dragon. At level 5, you will be able to use your dragon in battle.

Alliances and other players

Alliances are basically the guilds of Dragon Storm. You can create or join an alliance by going to the alliance tab. Alliances can have up to 100 players each. Players in an alliance will have access to a private alliance chat.

You can also talk to other players in the same server by using the world chat or by sending them a mail.

Unfortunately, the game doesn't have a very good chat filtering system so you might meet a few rude people now and then. However, most of the time, players in Dragon Storm are pretty civil.

dragon storm alliances

Player vs. Player (PvP)

PvP seems to be compulsory in this game although you are protected from attacks for the first seven days. You can also buy additional protection from the cash shop. If you look at the PvP leaderboard, you will see the names, levels and alliances (if any) of players who have similar power. You can also scroll up or down to look at other players but I found that it loads really slowly. Players can be attacked via the PvP leaderboard.

Attacking players takes time and the lower the power of the player you are attacking relative to yours, the longer it takes for your army to reach them. Attacking players with higher power have no such penalty.

It is a great idea to send out just one militia to scout out the other party’s defenses before you attack. Sometimes if you’re lucky, you’ll find a kingdom that is completely unguarded and your single militia returns with silver and some resources. Most people have a vault though so their resources are usually protected. However, you’ll get at least 100 silver per attack if you are victorious.

Sending more than one unit if an enemy is unprotected is pointless. The most you’ll get is 100 silver. However, if you noticed your militia returned with additional wood, food, metal, or stone, you can then send more troops as you’ll get a higher amount of these resources per attacking unit.

dragon storm pvp

Story mode and solo campaigns

A single-player story mode is also available in Dragon Storm. In story mode, you can go on campaigns which are related to the game’s storyline. You are put in an area with a tiled map and are given objectives to carry out such as conquering a certain number of tiles. Marching onto a tile takes time and requires troops.

Unconquered tiles will have enemies which your troops have to defeat. However, you will not be given information on the enemies before you fight them and you’ll only see their numbers and types after your troops have marched onto the tile and battled the enemy. Consequently, it’s a good idea too to send just one militia to scout the area before you make your move.

Conquering a tile will reward you with resources, and so will completing a campaign.

dragon storm story mode


Dragon Storm is an enjoyable game that’s kind of different from the casual games usually found on the iPad. Like any massively multiplayer online game, it’s going to take up quite a lot of your time if you want to be good. Someone who stares at their iPad for the entire day tapping on the resource building is probably going to be much stronger in-game than you are. I would probably not recommend this game for anyone who’s looking for a quick game which can keep them entertained for maybe fifteen minutes a day, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you like fantasy games.


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