Dragon tattoo design

Dragon tattoos are one of the most striking ones among the tattoo designs that are eye catching and attractive. In designs there are plenty of types that may classify one’s true character and inner self. Dragons have been illustrated as the creatures of power, strength, devilish beauty, ferociousness and wild rage. However, in some other ways dragons symbolize hope, divinity, benevolence and protectiveness and adorned as the guardians of heavenly treasures and possessors of  knowledge and mystical power. The image of dragon as portrayed for thousand of years is like the one who flashes fire from its mouth expressing aggressiveness and causing destruction(in western world).

The word ‘Dragon’came from the Greek word ‘Drakon’ or ‘Drakein’ that means ‘sharp-sighted one’. The word ‘Dracula’ is related with ‘Dragon’ where  ‘drac’ stands for ‘devil’ and ‘ulea’ translates into the meaning of ‘son of the dragon’.

Western and Eastern cultures have their own mythical perspective on dragons. Eastern people take dragons as the creators or composers with kindness and compassion. They mingled religion with cultural aspect and utilized art to celebrate the rituals by worshiping dragon figures in various temples. In contrast to them dragons are looked down as evil powers or destroyers in the West and are known for greediness and mischief.

In Babylon the dragons are described as helpers of god as well as the destructors who came with wicked motif and later became victims of god’s fury. Among the Asian countries Chinese culture stands apart as being enriched with dragon art and the tradition of dragons calling themselves ‘the descendents of dragons’. To them dragon tattoos signify fortune,wealth,health and unity and they fancy dragon as a male figure associated with the number 9. Dragons are characterized with rainfall and hold extraordinary power.The main features of Chinese dragon tattoos are their flaming pearl under the chin, scaly body and snake-like appearance. Among them versatility are there to symbolize differences like earth dragon tattoo which means ruling over the earth, celestial dragon tattoo that is made to communicate spiritual beliefs, horned dragon tattoo that makes the person show his verbal and physical strength.Chinese dragons have five claws on the foot and that is why they claim their dragons to be “true” ones.

Japanese dragon tattoo have a similarity in meaning with Chinese tattoos. They also believe it to be a goddess of water, a protector sent by god. Japanese dragons stand for family protection and protection for home. They have serpentine figures with a camel-head, paws like a tiger and jewel under the chin that resembles Chinese dragons’. The king of dragon Sui-Riu controls the rainfall. Fuki-Riu is the fortune-bringer and Han-Riu is the biggest of them all with sripes all over the body. Tribal dragon tattoos are simpler in design and formed with curved lines and by tribal art. It leaves a different effect to feel. On the other hand Oriental culture says if an individual puts a dragon tattoo showing the dragons as defenders winning over tigers portrayed as offenders the tattoo bearer will be considered to conquer over darkness and evil forces.

Over the decades dragons have been the topic of mystery and wonder.European dragons are termed as the source of evil. We got the reference of dragons from the Anglo-Saxon epic ‘Beowulf’where the hero Beowulf killed Grendel, Grendel’s mother and the last and most fearful dragon –all three by himself and finally himself was killed. Greek dragons were freaking enough to be killed by the hero and regarded as malicious beings. 

 After remembering one’s own cultural dignity and personal characteristics one should finalize the dragon tattoo to be inked. It looks great on shoulders, upper-arm, ankle,chest. When worn by a woman dragon tattoo represents a feeling of self-confidence that  is equaled by nothing. A sense of strength is ascertained, accompanied by a symbolic identity of a creator. The independence as well as the intelligence is articulated through a dragon tattoo when depicted on a woman’s body.An awe-inspiring sense is evoked through dragon design when tattooed by a man and provokes strength, energy and indomitable stamina which sometimes deserve respect.

Making a dragon tattoo means building up a powerful statement of your personality and your belief. To add the proper value to one’s dragon tattoo one should make sure the perfect design for it and then put the creation into it to make it a reality.      

Dragon tattoo