Is Dragonfly Neo-V Cuisine the only vegan restaurant in Columbus, Ohio? Who knows. This is definitely the hot dog and hamburger crowd, so it isn't terribly difficult to stand out. Still, Dragonfly Neo-V has carved a niche out of Columbus, Ohio and caters to the vegetarian/vegan bunch.

The 'V' stands for vegetarian, but the menu is vegan friendly and you will find a great deal of the ingredients come right out of the urban garden located in the back of this vegan restaurant. Dragonfly Neo-V does does a nice job of creating a setting that won't intimidate the staunchest of meat eaters but stays sophisticated enough to offer dishes some might not know how to pronounce. How do you achieve this balance? By offering simple items like vegan macaroni and cheese and a vegan pizza of the day.

Trying to find this vegan restaurant in Columbus, Ohio isn't hard, but you won't see it on a major road. It is located in the Victorian Village area, a quaint but vibrant part of town. They also own 'On The Fly' right next door. It's their lunchtime vegan/vegetarian concept. Dragonfly Neo's restaurant space isn't huge and the decor is pretty basic. I didn't get much of a chance to see the backyard garden but the chef does have a book coming out describing how to create an urban garden for cooking.

Since the menu demands using local ingredients that are in season, the offerings change often. I enjoyed the poached french trumpet with mushroom risotto. Of course I loved this vegan dish, and I stayed full for a long time. No dessert but I did have tea to drink. They have a decent selection of wines and beer, both local and imported, but I wasn't in that type of mood. I was treated to many samples from the garden, courtesy of the chef. I enjoyed every sample I was treated to.

Dragonfly Neo-V Cuisine is a very good vegan restaurant but I would still like to see more competition in the vegan restaurant niche in Columbus, Ohio. It would provide healthy competition and improve the overall restaurant selection in our otherwise meat and potatoes town.