Different insects are ideal to be tattooed specifically because of their intricate designs. While there are many choices, both butterfly and dragonfly tattoo designs seem to be the most popular for women. This probably can be accounted to the symbol being playful and whimsical. For instance, many mythological characters such as faeries are patterned after these winged creatures.

The beauty of the form as well as the colors is enough for people to be convinced why it would make such great tattoos. Apart from the magnificent form, the wings they have also bring about many connotations that relate to being a free spirit.

As getting tattoos is already commonplace, the number of people with butterfly designs discouraged those who are just about to get theirs. Those who something more unique that has more or less the same feel can choose from dragonfly tattoo designs instead. A Tattoo is a form of self-expression so it is understandable that people would want more original designs. This is the reason why there is a need to think about the final design before going to a tattoo studio.

Initially, there is a need to find studies for dragonfly tattoo designs that are very close to what they have in mind. For instance, people can consider if they wish something that looks cartoony or something more realistic. The next step is deciding on the pose or the perspective. For example, they can choose from dragonflies in flight or dragonflies with folded wings.

It could be a top view, a front view or a side view. Finally, all of these considerations can be explained to the tattoo artist so that they can put it on paper. People need to remember that there should be an initial design before the actual process.

They should be very concerned about this because it is something permanent. Those who are getting tattoos should be very fussy because there should be no room for mistakes. If they are still not satisfied with the draft then they should not hesitate to request for changes to be made. No matter how simple the design maybe, if the tattoo artist misunderstood them, regretting it too soon is very possible.