Drain cleaning

Now I'm no drain doctor, but should there be a blockage, then that particular joyous task usually befalls to me!

Let me please start by advising to all that suffer from clogged drains to pleeeease get yourself some drain covers if you don't already have them! I say this because for a long time we didn't have any and often suffered and complained about overflowing, blocked drains in our garden. What were we thinking?? Hhhmm, sounds like a bit of a no-brainer, but sometimes it takes a while for me old light bulb to get switched on!

You see when it rains in our neck of the woods, it really rains which isn't a problem in itself and the garden really loves it (don't you just love that saying?), but we basically live surrounded by lovely native bush, so have plenty of lovely trees that sadly lose there leaves - actually not that sad as they get them back again. Anyway, I digress, sorry!

So yes, if you, like us are surrounded by trees then you will know what I'm talking about. Leaves and debris fall and without drain covers you are looking at a wasted Saturday unblocking drains. This is the main reason why everyone usually has blocked drains; the other is a sewage issue that I am not even going to begin to go in to!

So what you need to do firstly is clear away any debris, then give the drains a good dose of the wonderful multi-functional eco friendly cleaning product Washing soda crystals, and let them work their magic. When all is cleared pop on the drain cover and then forget about it. Sure the cover will occasionally need clearing, but this just takes a few seconds with your hands.

But drains are not all you have to worry about and in order to save yourself entirely from drain cleaning; you need to ensure gutter protection with a gutter guard to minimize any problems. Preventing any gutter problems also saves you clearing your gutter and gutter repair due to build ups and overflows in the future.

If your gutters and drains are free flowing then there is no reason why you should suffer with any problems, so don't attend to one without the other. If you should discover that your guttering has problems then you should either fix it or consider replacing it. Unless you have plenty of spare cash floating around for copper guttering and drainpipes, then just pop to your local DIY store for the standard PVC stuff which is pretty inexpensive on the scale of things. If roof gutter installation is not your thing - or if you're not keen on heights, then check through your local directory for a gutter installation service who specialize in gutter repair.

Good luck and may your drains always be free flowing! J