Drawing attractive womenCredit: kimmortal1Credit: kimmortal1

If you'd like to draw attractive women ...

there are a few things to know that will help your finished piece!

Drawing attractive women is a challenge from beginning artists just starting out and experienced artists as well. It's very important to establish what type of woman you're drawing and consider how to make her memorable to your audience. Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann is a highly popular and memorable babe for her firely personality and clad clothing wear. Emma Frost from the Xmen series is also very stunning and has unique character design elements that connect only to her.

There are many techniques to achieve "the look" of your hand drawn babe, but there are also some foundational tips that help separate novice art from professional art. Drawing attractive women is a must in many artistic industries, and here are some helpful tips to get started.

1) What type of woman are you going to draw?

This is a extremely important step that many begining artists skip. Consider writing down a few characteristics about the babe you're about to draw. What is her personality type? What does she do for a living? What makes her stand out from other women? Asking yourself questions like these really help confirm with yourself what kind of character you're about to draw. If you plan on drawing a female military solider, you want to make sure that you are not drawing her in a shy, timid, and princess-like pose. That'd be just silly, especially if you're equipping her with an AK-47.

2) Get artistic Reference

This is probably the most important step for any artist who wants to do an accurate and professional quality drawing. Again, if you plan on drawing a female combat solider, find pictures via Google Images of soldier uniforms, solider boots, military guns, and more. 3d.sk is also a great resource for high quality photo reference. Find a dynamic pose of a solider in a combat situation. Think of celebrities or actors/actresses you've seen in movies who you may want your babe to resemble. This way you can draw using reference from the photo. Especialy if you are learning to draw, this is a method that you should never abandon. Drawing from your head can result in poor acuracy in a drawing and overall confusion. The last thing you want is someone saying "What is that?" or "Oh, I thought it was.." to your finished piece!

3) General to specific. Details last!

Details are what many people seem to appreciate the most in artistic work, but that should definitely not be your very first focus! Do not be the person who spent most of your time drawing hair on your beautiful babe and her body is not true to a human's anatomy! This can be an epic fail later. Start off drawing VERY SIMPLE. Draw a few lines following where her legs are, where her spine is, hands, head, etc. The best thing you can do is start off drawing a stick figure, then working your way up by starting to draw in geometric shapes like squares and rectangles, then slowing progressing to cruves. Take a step away from your piece often and look at it from far away to see if your drawing is matching up with your reference pictures.

4) Get critiqued

Especially when it comes to drawing, practice makes perfect. No one starts out as a master of drawing. Even if you are not confident in your abilities, post your work to an art forum like conceptart.org to get help on how to improve your drawings. There are other artists who are experienced and very willing to help give you advice and there are also beginners who are wanting to improve their drawing skills aswell. You will improve at much faster rates when you take into account what others see in your work. The best artists get many critiques and never get too attatched to their finished product, because they want to keep getting better at what they do!

Drawing attractive women is a very rewarding challenge in the end and will definitely boost your popularity as an artist. Happy babe drawing!