We have heard there is an energy crisis approaching for decades now and the fact is that crisis may already be here! As earth’s sources for energy are drying up we must consider alternative forms to power our world. Oil, coal, gas, and even water have limits to their availability and sources say they will become extinct within a few decades. Water is something we have always considered a constant on this planet and it now is showing signs that it is becoming depleted at an alarmingly high rate.

The vicious circle!

Energy Crisis Is An Eminent TruthCosts are constantly on the rise for every item we need and there is no sign they will not continue to rise because the cost of transportation and delivery are soaring. The trains and trucks that bring our groceries and other commodities to us rely on gas and oil to keep them running. When we use up that gas and oil for lighting, heating, and cooling our homes and businesses that takes away a vital resource needed for other uses. Solar power can help with the energy crisis by providing a much needed power resource that is low in cost and can be stored and distributed easily.

Statistics that show how much we need to care about the coming energy crisis show us a bleak picture. Many compare a possible energy crisis to making a mountain out of a mole hill yet they choose not to examine the statistics that show how severe this issue is becoming. With 50% of our oil already used up and coal becoming harder to find, the costs for these popular sources becomes increasingly high. Global warming results in 65% pollution created directly from energy generation and use. Some 40% of the globe’s oil is a major source of energy. Natural gas accounts for about 20% and the same amount applies to coal and these forms of energy bring serious pollution issues to consider.



We must change those statistics before they overwhelm the valuable energy sources we have left.



The Obvious Solution

It makes good sense to consider other sources of energy. It is essential that we make use of “alternative” forms of energy such as wind and solar power today so we can have a future that is technological as well as affordable.

Wind is a constant in many parts of the world and being able to turn that into a useable form of energy that can provide electrical fuel to vehicles, homes, and manufacturing equipment means we can keep our natural gas, oil, coal, and especially our water for better uses. California has the right idea with vast “wind farms” that harness a naturally occurring form of energy. DIY wind power generator kits are available and wind energy generators can easily be set up laymen like you and me.

Solar energy as an alternative to conventional power sources such as electricity and cooking gas lends itself to consideration. People are turning towards solar panel installations on rooftops and making great use of the solar energy AND saving lots in terms of electricity bills.