Dreaming of animals is a common theme for many people. Remembering the animals in your dreams and wondering what it means leaves many wondering during their waking hours. Decoding animal dreams may help settle a part of your subconscious mind. Find out exactly what those animals are trying to tell you.

Alligator – you have enemies around you whether in work or your personal life.

Alpaca – a gift with much value will be yours. It maybe a physical gift or a gift to soothe your soul.

Ape – raise in salary

Bat – if the bat is gray – life will get easier. If the bat is black – bad arguments. If the bat is white – someone who is sick will get better. A lot of bats – a family member will die.

Bear – someone will tell you of a sad event. Many bears – people are talking about you behind your back. Fighting a bear, you will be successful.

Birds – be careful around people you don’t trust or those who are in competition with you. Nesting birds, you will have a happy family life. Birds flying overhead – you will have money.

Camel – will have difficulties. Several Camels – money is coming your way.

Cat – Someone you trust is not being true. Black Cat – sickness.

Chicken – your love life will be rich.

Cow – financial gains

Crab – meet a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Crocodile – surrounded by people with bad intentions, troubles are coming.

Deer – Good news is coming soon.

Dog – White Dog – Money. Brown Dog – someone doesn’t trust you. Black Dog – be careful of your friends. Gray Dog – you have a good and trustworthy friend.

Duck – your enemies will not succeed.

Elephant – if you are rich – be careful. If you are poor – money and a new job. Feeding Elephants, you will meet a powerful friend.

Fish – swimming – good luck. Fish Floating Dead – warning of trouble.

Fox – be careful of those around you, you have an enemy. Killing a Fox – will beat your enemy and be successful

Frogs – you will be successful professionally.

Geese – going on a long trip.

Goat – money, lots of money.

Hen – expect good fortune and money.

Horse – business will be good.

Kangaroo – someone will be mean or hostile toward you.

Leopard – you'll beat your enemies.

Lion – you'll be respected – later.

Lizard – people who don’t like you will hurt you.

Monkey – use care in trusting friends.

Mule – start taking care of yourself or you will be sick.

Parrot – money, wealth.

Peacock – you are facing disappointments

Pig – you'll have a good job with a good salary.

Pigeons – success.

Puppy – you will receive an invitation to a celebration.

Rabbit – your enemies will not win.

Rat – you will have your feelings hurt by someone who deceived you.

Raven – bad news.

Rooster – happiness

Sheep – if you plan well, you will succeed.

Snakes – plans will not go according to what you want.

Stork – someone will steal from you.

Swan – happiness, wealth

Turtle – opportunities are coming your way.

Vulture – you'll fight with a friend and the friendship will end.

Wild Boar – you''ll fail.

Zebra – lots of travel. 

Animal Dreams in General

Petting Animal – good luck is coming your way

Feeding an Animal or Animals – wealth and money

Animals Belonging to Others – mysterious issues and disappearances will be solved

Buying an Animal – be careful you will run into troublesome times if you don’t change your ways.

Selling an Animal – you will not be successful with what you are doing right now.

Hurting or Killing an Animal – You will achieve your desired results and be happy with the.

Pushing an Animal – the marriage is in trouble and if things don’t change you will be divorced.

Animals Laying in Fields – money is coming your way.

Animals in a Barn – your marriage is in trouble and you or your partner is thinking of divorce if circumstances don’t change.

Being Chased by Animals – a friend will hurt your feelings.

Match the colors of the animals with the meaning of color in your dreams.