Many have dreams every night, some dream rarely and some don’t think they dream at all. People who remember their dreams are always left to wonder what is the message in the dream. Why was I dreaming of that? Of course most people have heard to keep a pen and paper on your nightstand and write down what you were dreaming of even if you think you will remember it. Frustrating as it is, some dreams are difficult, if not impossible to remember. These dreams lie buried in your subconscious mind.

Bright vivid colors are said to have meaning as are dull or dark colors. If the colors are something that stand out to you in your dreams, you may want to find out what the particular color means along with the object the color is associated with in your dreams.

Decoding the Colors in Your Dreams

Each color has a meaning and each person can put the meaning in the correct context as it relates to their life.

Bright Deep Pink – a big joyous event is about to take place in your life.

Pink – success is yours for the taking. All of your hard work will pay off and you triumph.

Bright Blue – you are dreaming  of a promotion that will soon be coming your way, mainly in regards to a job.

Dark or Navy Blue – often associated with prosperity, typically through an inheritance or the hard work of other people.

Brown – your subconscious mind is telling you about friendship, you will either make a new, very good friend or you will become closer to a friend you already have.

Deep Red – get ready for good news, usually from a friend. Nothing earth shattering, just nice news.

White – indicates you will have success in whatever you choose.

Purple – many times associated with royalty, but this dream is telling you will be going on a happy journey filled with joy. It does not necessarily mean you will be physically travelling.

Gold – You have business opportunities with people who live and do business far away.

Orange – You are on the cusp of good luck and fortune.

Silver – Everything you touch and do will turn out the way you want.

Green – You are dreaming of love and your love life, which will go well and in the direction you want it to go.

Gray – Good news is on its way, but not by word of mouth. The news will be written in a letter, card or maybe even an email.

Black – a warning of an unlucky or unfortunate event.

Lilac – You will have an unhappy time ahead of you.

Red – You will not see eye-to-eye with your friends, be prepared for arguments and small spats.

Deep Red – signifies arguments and disagreements with your family members.

Yellow – Life will be changing, unfortunately not in the way you would like it to change.

A Swirl of Color – Watch your back, your friends are not being true to you.