So many people around the world hate their jobs and wish they could change to something fun, better paying or just more interesting. Unfortunately, most people lack the initiative or the motivation to really stand up, decide what they want to do with their lives and do what needs to be done to achieve their dreams.

Below is a collection of the five best jobs ever. They might be dream jobs but remember that only those who dare to dream ever succeed:

1. Actor

Actor: Tom Cruise

As with most dream jobs, who hasn't sat daydreaming on a quiet Sunday afternoon, planning out your Oscar acceptance speech and imagining all the things you’d do if you had Tom Cruise’s money?

Being a movie star is both challenging and fun at the same time, and between busy work schedules during production and making television and event appearances, there is a lot more to being an actor than meets the eye.

The other side of the coin is theatrical actors and actresses who must ensure they've rehearsed their lines perfectly so that they can be prepared to perform to a live audience.

2. Professional Athlete

Professional Athlete - Ray Rice

Soccer, rugby, track and field; whatever your favourite sport is, there’s no doubt that at some point you've envisioned being out there on the field, with thousands of fans screaming your name from the stands.

Watching the very pinnacle of athletic prowess can be a truly inspiring experience, but it’s important to consider the thousands of hours of training that goes into creating a great athlete. Many professional athletes have been training hard since their childhood and the sporting industry’s dark little secret is that performance-enhancing drugs are superfluous at the elite levels.

3. Music Star

Music Star - Eminem

Imagine stepping out onstage and being greeted by thousands and thousands of adoring fans, all screaming your name and desperate to hear you perform your latest hits. Now imagine having a creative outlet for all of the ups and downs in your life and being able to share that with the world.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Becoming a famous musician or singer is often a case of hit and miss and it can take years of touring, playing gigs for little, if any, money and struggling to make ends meet before a band or artist strikes a record deal. Even with a record deal, success isn’t guaranteed, as you’re then relying on your label to market your music and garner interest.

For those lucky few who do make it into the limelight, the world of music can be a wonderful experience or it can destroy you, so think carefully before you choose to pursue a career in show business!

4. Video Game Developer

Video Game Developer

Looking at some of the stunning visuals and intricate game mechanics that come out of video game studios these days can leave you left wide-eyed and wondering what kind of magic goes into such a project.

Becoming a video game developer can be a time-consuming and tedious task that involves developing skills in graphic design, coding and much more. This process can take years and many people lack the raw talent needed to make it in the video game industry. However, it is also very rewarding.

There are various game development courses available to the right person who wants to pursue a career in video game design and it is generally agreed that the Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games is a must-have if you are to enter into the gaming industry with credibility.

5. Astronaut


Becoming an astronaut requires the very best in physical health and fitness and extensive knowledge of physics and mathematics.

While floating in orbit around the Earth must be an absolutely indescribable experience, it is a largely exclusive venture and very few people will ever be able to ‘visit the stars’ in our current generation.

While you might not have much luck in pursuing a career as an astronaut, commercial space flight is becoming more and more financially viable so watch this space!