A dreamcatcher basically consists of woven net of strings and a loop in the middle. This has many variations but most of the time, one would also have beads, stones and feather decorations. Although it originates from Native American culture, many people have already embraced it. Many incorporate it in their home décor especially that it makes a lovely conversation piece.

Rich with meaning and symbolism, many people also consider dreamcatcher tattoo designs for their body art. Many people feel that the webbed patterns are ideal for tattoos just as they are interesting. Traditionally, these are placed on top of the bed particularly the ones for children. It is perceived as a talisman. The belief is that putting one at the head of the crib would serve as a protection for sleeping children. It is supposed to ward off evil spirits and nightmares. At the same time, it still allows good dreams to pass through.

People find the whole lot of variations for dreamcatcher tattoo designs assuring in the sense that they can have something that looks original. However, people should definitely take time looking into each symbol's meaning before deciding to have it tattooed permanently. Just as any other design for body art, it would be more satisfying if the wearer would make it more personal to them.

Understandably, they can still base it on photos and other tattoos but it would be better if they add something that makes it theirs alone. It can be as simple as adding another design element. Instead of simply having interwoven strands, printed beads can also be combined in the tattoo. They can also play around with colors. Colorful feathers can be made more vibrant by having more tones or hues in the design.

The placement would also have weight on choosing the dreamcatcher tattoo designs. Some people may want something that they can still hide while others would want nothing more than loud pieces that can easily be spotted. The size of the tattoo is of course based on where it is to be placed. If an individual wants one around their wrist or their ankle, then small one will do. At the same time, if it is intended for a back piece then the designs should definitely be more elaborate.