Dreammaker Spas rock. They're completely portable and plug into a normal 110 V, 15 Amp plug. This eliminates the need for you to hire an expensive electrician to set your hottubs out. This saves you a lot of money!

In fact, Dreammaker spas save you money in many ways. First off, they are highly affordable. The company offers 8 styles of hottubs for less than $3499 each. This puts the benefits of hottubs use in the hands of most people. Because they're affordable, they're very popular the world round. But just because they are inexpensive doesn't mean they are cheap. In fact, they are some of the best made hottubs in America. The plant is in Lake Mary, FL and it can make 64 hottubs per every 8 hours. That's a lot of Dreammaker spas in a day! They also test them for 24 hours before they are shipped out for use, ensuring high quality. This provides consumer credibility and the desire to purchase the hottubs.

These are also guaranteed for life -- that is, the shell and the heating element. Which is rare for any brand of hottubs. This shows you how much Dreammaker Spas stands by its products. They're made of highly durably polyethylene, which means they will never rot, rip or otherwise break down. And they're completely portable, in one piece. So you can put these hottubs indoors, outdoors, wherever. If you move, you can obviously take them with you!

These hottubs are also very eco-friendly. Because they are plug and play with their easy to use plug system, they save you a lot on your energy bills. In addition, the Dreammaker Spas have a heating element called a "dual hot stick," a technologically advanced device that is unlike the heaters in any other hottubs line. This heater is eco-friendly with its design -- it also has a low-energy regular heater. This system Dreammaker Spas calls "hybrid heat." And there are other environmentally friendly aspects to Dreammaker Spas. For example, the synthetic shell is good for the environment because it won't break down into waste. Also, in being efficient, precious resources aren't wasted. They are even California clean air compliant!

You can even get all the features you want with Dreammaker Spas: an LED lighting system that changes from color to color, a relaxing waterfall, even an entertainment system such as a stereo or TV/DVD combo that will make your hottubs experience even better.

Indeed, everyone can enjoy hydrotherapy's benefits with Dreammaker Spas -- hottubs affordable for any budget.

A Dreammaker Spa