Understanding Dreams

Making records of your dreams

Since dream interpretation is a subject that can have conflicting views the best way to approach your dreams is to keep them personal and related to your own life and not views expressed in a book or periodical. Your dreams are a way of letting you know what you own thoughts are on a particular issue that is pressing to the forefront of your mind. They may need a little interpretation from you but without doubt you are the best qualified person to analyze your dreams. Once you become interested in dreams you will have read much information on their interpretation but always remember that you are in control of your own thoughts. Books on the subject of dreams are for reference only and the views expressed in them are not rigid, so there is nothing to fear from dreaming or any effect associated with sleeping such as astral plane travel and distant viewing.

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Dream on

Because we spend so much time asleep, nearly 30% of our life is spend sleeping, we should know as much about the activity as possible. Books on the science of sleep and dreams are useful as they explain why we sleep and the factors that help us to sleep as well as the stages of sleep, the lack of sleep and resultant hallucinations if they occur. Science books should not interpret, they should just inform, in the author’s opinion. Once you develop your own understanding of your dreams you will be more content with life in general. A dream dictionary or a book describing dream symbols will assist you with dream interpretation.

Recall your dream 

Dream journal

The need to recall your dreams is important and whatever means you need to do this should be utilized. You might keep a dream journal by the bedside or just a scrap of paper and pencil to record your dream upon waking. You might then transcribe your thoughts to a more formal medium later in the day. Do try out different ways (voice recording etc.) to ensure you capture every moment of your dreams. It is important to record without analyzing immediately as the analysis is best left until later in the day when the fuzziness of first waking is long gone. Most dreams are forgotten before we even leave the bedroom.


How to analyze your dream

Dream interpretation

Practice will help you to improve your dream recollections. Each part of your dream is symbolic in some way and connected intimately with you. Understanding what those symbols means is the key to the interpretation of your life. Start with trying to recall colors (and numbers) because it is difficult to do so and for many years it was believed that we only dreamed in black and white! This is an important start because colors say so much and are associated with feelings as in red for anger, heat or passion. Black can be negative but can unearth some of your innermost desires which sometimes can help you to develop a previously hidden trait. At the beginning you may only recall the ‘color’ of the dream or certain numbers that you perceived but this is a good start. Dreaming will often rehash the events of your life and can be beneficial in resolving problems.

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