Can you remember the last time you slept without dreaming? I bet you will have to think for a while. Dreams are part of the nightly routine that we go through in the effort of the mind to restructure and unwind. At times, we wake up and we don't remember what we dreamt about. Some nights we remember very well that we can no longer go to sleep. Some people cry, scream and walk in their sleep. Others wake up terrified and that is commonly called a nightmare.

Dreams are so powerful that even in the bible, the lord revealed important messages to people through the use of dreams. If you take the example of the Virgin Mary, she was about to be married to Joseph when she had to tell him that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit. How many men out there would believe the story if, you wife were to come and tell you that she was pregnant through the Holy Ghost? Most men or should I say 100 percent would do what Joseph planned to do. He was about to dump her when he had the famous dream. He was told by an Angel to reconsider because the child to be conceived was through Holy Spirit. The Dream must have been powerful enough for Joseph to wake up the next day and do as he was told by the Angel. Some of you might be thinking, there is no way I am going to accept that. Well that is another story.

If you are prone to watching horror movies, you will definitely know that the night is going to be rough. Why is it that we are normally unable to sleep after watching a horror movie? Why is the mind more vulnerable to horror films at night? Do we get the same effect, if we were to watch the same movie during the day? During sleep,the mind seems to process the most important events of the day. If you were to watch a movie during the day, for example at 2PM, you will still be busy with other things that will take your mind of the horror movie. This tends to give the mind time to process the information.

What about people who have claimed to solve problems after having a good night sleep? This has happened to a lot of us and we just cannot explain why. If the mind is so good at solving problems at night, why are some problems not solved after a good night sleep? Could it be that only a certain group of problems can be solved through sleep? Is what we are experiencing due to the break our brain gets from a good night sleep? As humans, we seem to function well when we are relaxed and comfortable. That is to say, our rational mind is capable of solving complex issues when given the time to reset and restructure. The mind is a powerful tool that we don't fully understand.