Dreams are worth reaching for.

They Do Come True.

Martin Luther King had a dream, it still helps shape the world.

Look at Kelly Clarkson and all America Idol winner's, living their dreams, because they had the courage to go out and try for the show, because you embrace the fear of failing. My grandfather taught me to learn from my mistakes and cherish them because of a lesson learned, we all have to look at what is failure, so we can look inside ourselves and see what is our success.

Take this site InfoBarrel, I am living a dream now that I get to write and share my words of encouragement with you the readers, from all over the world.

I have a dream, a few dreams, one already true, married to the man I love and have a beautiful daughter together, I cherish them both, One dream is to see their dreams come true, to reach for the stars and when there dream more and keep reaching. To be able to travel maybe every summer to the places of the world war and see, feel the history and honour those that died for me so I could dream, so I can see the twinkle in my husband's eyes as my history buff takes it all in and shares it with our daughter. Me I would like the cruise over, a stop in at Disney world or MGM studio's or universal studio's.  To name a few.

I am still reaching for some of my dreams but I am living others, I kept looking for things online that could let me live out my dreams, I keep looking and networking, the key is to keep going and don't give up.

The 4 hour workweek book I am reading has you break down what is your desired lifestyle and the cash flow needed to reach it the exercise is to then find how to make your time work better for you by working smarter not harder.  I don't mind working hard and smart, if you find something you love to do then it's a part of the enjoyment of life, I am glad I get to share it with my loved ones.

My advice is to do a self inventory, get in touch with yourself, what is your dream? write it down in a dream journal. Example Be self-employed write it down it can be point form, let it evolve into in what way you would like to be your own boss, do you see yourself sub contacted, making a product, see where it takes you, from there you can see what is needed to make it happen and keep fighting for it, even refer back to it to see your progress, it is worth it, you are worth it. We can get broken down by others who wish to stay on top and do forget that fact from time to time, we are worth it. Think of how this world could be if we did not need drugs because we all live our dreams, natural happiness. That is a beautiful dream in itself.

Talk to your friends as supports are important, if you feel alone you are more likely to throw in the towel.  We can talk ourselves out off our dreams, it's not the right time, not enough money, no I do like my job, the excuses we tell ourselves to convince us it's ok not to live the dream, that's in the 4 hour work week book to, the power to fool ourselves is the same power you can tap into to make it reality, the power of positive thinking. Mind over matter.

Go on the journey to find out what your dreams are, if you know start down the path to make them true, already started check in with yourself and make sure you are still on course, reached one cherish it, then see if you still have any unreached and go for more stars.

If anything good can come from this, may it be you know you are worth it, that you matter, that dreams can come true and we have the power to make them true.  Enjoy the journey on the way it's just as special as reaching the top.