Dreamworld offers fun experiences for people of all ages. Explore the Big 7 Thrill Rides as well as the exciting family and kid’s rides. Visitors can also see tigers, crocodiles, koalas and other Australian wildlife.


Adventure Rides

Dreamworld is home to the Big 7 Thrill Rides, which are 7 of the highest and fastest rides. Buzzsaw boasts the title of highest inversion ride in the Southern Hemisphere. The peak moment is when thrill seekers dangle 15 storeys in the air before engaging in a full roll and 90⁰ drop. The Tower of Terror II propels visitors backwards at 160km/hr to a point 100m above the ground. Several seconds of weightlessness follow before adventurers free fall back to earth.  

The tallest free falling ride in the world is the Giant Drop Tower of TerrorCredit: Dreamworldand this unique experience is said to be somewhat similar to the feeling of skydiving. Dropping 120 meters at speeds up to 135km/hour, this ride is not for the faint hearted. The cyclone, the claw, wipeout and Mick Doohan’s motocoaster are among the other big rides at this theme park.


Family Rides

The Rocky Hollow Log Ride is one of the rides suited for the whole family. Visitors sit in a hollow log shaped vessel, climbing the ramp before splashing down the other side at 50km/hr. In the Thunder River Rapids ride, families speed down foamy water rapids at 45km/hr.

Children can take the driver’s seat in the Avis Vintage Cars ride, where vintage cars move around on tracks. The scenic railway around Dreamworld is another ride that is enjoyed by adults and children alike.


Kid’s Rides

Toddler’s and young children will love the special kid’s Feathersword ShipCredit: Dreamworldarea with themes from The Wiggles, Shrek and Madagascar. Dorothy’s Teacup ride, the Big Red Car ride and Captain Feathersword’s Ship will keep Wiggle fans enthralled. Themed Shrek and Madagascar attractions as well as special photo areas to remember the time are not to be missed!



Dreamworld is also popular because of it’s integration of Tiger(112688)Credit: Dreamworldtheme park and zoo elements. Visitors have opportunities to be photographed with tigers and cuddle koalas. Sometimes the staff have brought the tiger cubs out into the park for a walk! All kinds of rainforest and wetland creatures can be viewed, including crocodiles. There are presentations given at certain times of the day where the animals show what they can do. Feeding time is another show not to be missed!


Big Brother

Dreamworld is the site of Big Brother Australia. Contestants live in a fully recorded house and compete for prize money. Tickets for live shows and events can be purchased from the website.


White Water World

Adjacent to Dreamworld is White Water World. There are special offers  available with discounts for visitors to the two parks. World passes include entry to both Dreamworld and White Water World and are offered in one day, 21 day or unlimited entry periods.