Dremel is well known for making an outstanding line of extremely useful power tools of both the rotary and oscillating types. These tools are typically lightweight, comfortable and safe to handle, helping to minimize the amount of work you have to do. The Dremel 6300 Multi-Max is an oscillating tool which does a lot of jobs for do-it-yourself projects in the home or woodworking jobs. It's got a reasonable price and an assortment of uses making it a highly-recommended product from this author, who also owns the tool and has used it with great success.

We recently picked up one of these Dremel 6300 Multi-Max Oscillating Kits from Amazon.com. The tool which has a suggested manufacturers price of about $170, goes for just $99 at the popular online retailer's site. Customer reviews there have been mostly positive with very few drawbacks. The main purpose for acquiring this tool was so we could remove the tiles on our kitchen floor which were stuck to the wood beneath using a strong adhesive. This project was necessary so we could install hardwood flooring. The oscillating tool has worked like a champ in this capacity, as it gets right underneath the tiles to help unseat them so they can be easily pried up by hand. The only real con so far is that the tool tends to get hot after being used for a lenghty amount of time, so consider wearing gloves to handle it. Otherwise, this item does what it's supposed to at a fraction of the price of the more advanced Fein tool that's available for around $400 or so. The tool is lightweight, produces relatively low amounts of noise and generates minimal dust or debris in its efforts.

When you purchase the Dremel 6300 Multimax, you'll receive a speically crafted blow molded case for easy storage and portability of the item. Additionally, you'll receive a Getting Started Booklet, MM610 3/4-inch flexible scraper blade; MM440 three-inch wood flush cut blade; MM450 wood and drywall saw blade; MM11 hook and loop pad; M70W 60, 120, and 240 grit paper. Additional attachments can also be purchased to really transform this into a true multi-purpose power tool. It's currently among the top sellers in rotary tools at Amazon, and with good reason. Once you purchase one you'll start coming up with lists of all those projects around the house you wanted to start but put off because they seemed too labor-intensive. This Dremel tool will help do the job faster, safer, with less mess, and more efficiently than you probably would have done by your own hands!