Before I begin my Dremel Multi Max review I would first like to give you some back ground information about myself. I have been around construction and remodeling projects all my life. Every home that I have ever lived in since I was a child has been bought dirt cheap gutted and totally remodeled. Even my personal homes I have bought since getting married have all started out needing more than a little work like all new plumbing, new floor joists, drywall and carpet you know just about everything. Also my wife is a Beautician who owns her own shop which makes me the unofficial handy man to seven complaining women. I am also the son of parents who own over twenty rental properties which produce a constant list of projects for me to do. So without giving my whole life story in detail I will assume you can see that I am no stranger to home improvements or remodeling. And as far as my thoughts on tools I belief the fewer tools I need the better. So I only buy a tool when I truly need it or when I can’t make something else work. And when ever possible I try to only buy tools that serve more that one purpose. It just makes everything easier and it’s less to store. I just wanted to share that last part so you also know that I am not one for going out and buying every new tool that hits the market just because it looks cool. Anyways enough about me lets talk tools.

Dremel 6300-01 120-Volt Multi-Max Oscillating Kit

Why I Bought the Dremel Multi Max

I bought my Dremel Multi Max about a year ago while in the middle of removing a room that the previous owner of my wife’s beauty shop had added in the corner of a bigger room. This room was meant to be a masseuse’s room but we never had a masseuse so we wanted to add another hair cutting station. One of the walls was adjacent to the back door of the shop so we decided that we would keep part of that wall up to make a small foyer and this is where my troubles began. When I went remove the part of the wall that we didn’t want I couldn’t just cut the top plate off flush with a circular or sawzall because there wasn’t enough room. So after trying everything I could think of with no success I headed to Lowe’s to see what I could find.

Dremel MM40-01 2.5 Amp High Performance Oscillating Tool Kit
Amazon Price: $234.11 $118.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 13, 2013)

After searching high and low I came across the Dremel Multi Max. This tool seemed to be the perfect tool for my situation and though I was hesitant to pay the over $100 for it I bought it. I must admit my wife had a lot to do with the purchase mainly because she was tired of hearing me cuss that stupid wall back at the shop. Well when we got back to the shop I opened the boxed installed the wood cutting blade and two minutes later the saws plunge cut had done what I couldn’t do after two hours of trying. And that is the moment I fell in love with Multi-Max.

My Dremel Multi Max Review

Since that day I have used my Multi-Max on many other projects. Some of the more recent jobs include cutting holes in drywall for plug-in boxes which is fast and easy with the half circle drywall blade, I have scrapped up vinyl tile and I have even cut sheets of plastic. At no time have I had any problems with the unit. It seems to be durable and built to last. The best part of the Multi-Max is that it is small enough to fit in locations that no other saw can and with a huge selection of accessories available there doesn’t seem to be anything you can can’t cut, grind or sand with this thing. One of the cooler attachments is the MM720 Multi Flex which works a lot like a jig saw.

Dremel 6300-03 120-Volt Multi-Max Oscillating Kit
Amazon Price: $244.12 $99.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 13, 2013)

To some that have never used the Multi Max they may think it’s just the newest product on the market with no other purpose than to empty your wallet of its contents. But to me it is a must have for anyone that does any amount of home improving or remodeling. Now I can’t say how the Multi Max would hold up to the everyday use and punishment it would receive from a contractor or professional builder. Or how it compares to similar tools from other manufacturers but with good care and light to moderate use I think I will have this tool in my remodeling arsenal for years to come. So before your next project, go ahead and buy your own Dremel Multi Max and I think you will see that this review is dead on and that it is worth every penny. Or if you really want one but just can’t talk yourself into buying one at full price you can find them online reconditioned for about half off the retail price. I hope this article has helped and that your next project is trouble free.