Dressing up as a woman for Halloween can be a lot of fun for those that really get into making the Halloween costume all that it can be. You can get excessively creative with your Halloween costume, or you can keep your Halloween costume plain and simple. Either way you are going to have at least a little bit of fun dressing up for Halloween, especially if you plan to dress as a woman for Halloween. Below are some tips for those that plan on dressing up as a woman for Halloween, but have no clue as to how a woman dresses or where to begin in the process. To spite the popular belief, that difficulty will consume you, do not fret read below for all guidelines you may need to dress as a woman for Halloween.

Things You Will Need



woman's clothing

Step 1

Select your main attire. You will likely want to bang it out with a great costume for Halloween. Suggestions for this could be a wedding dress, ball room attire, a sun dress or simply an office business suit with a skirt. Check your local thrift store for a low priced, yet attractive dress or skirt for your Halloween costume.

Step 2

Buy a bra. If you are a man trying to dress as a woman for Halloween you are going to want to remember that woman have a different body shape than men. You could either have to stuff your bra with socks or tissues. Another option is you could purchase a bra that is filled with water (these are not usually cheap).

Step 3

Buy panty hose, knee highs or stockings. You can find panty hose in the woman's section at your local department store. If you do not plan to shave your legs the panty hose will aid in making your legs look more like a woman's legs. However, you will be able to see your unshaved legs underneath the panty hose easily. Shaving your legs for a Halloween costume is your call. However, shaving your legs will make you look more like a woman for Halloween.

Step 4

Get a pair of high heels. Go all out, get them as high as you can get them in your size. High Heels can make the calves of your legs look more defined. Get funky with the style of the heel. Check out your local thrift store for discounted woman's high heel shoes to help you dress as a woman for Halloween. Dressing as a woman for Halloween is not going to make you look exactly like a woman so you might as well take it over the edge.

Step 5

Ask a woman that you know if you can use their make-up for Halloween. Make-up is not exactly cheap, so you might as well use frugality when you can. You may also want to ask the owner of the make-up how to apply it. Do not forget the lipstick, color stay lipstick will stay on all night long, and you will not have to stop from partying to reapply.

Step 6

Buy some fake eyelashes and press on nails for your Halloween costume. You might as well grab a bottle of nail polish while you are at the store. However, some fake nails may have already come painted. Often fake nails require glue, be sure to check the packaging to ensure that the nail glue is included, and that you do not have to make a separate purchase.

Step 7

Get a wig to cover your man hair do. I am assuming that you want to dress as a woman for Halloween, and you have shorter hair. Do not go with funky colored hair, unless you are aiming to look cheap. Cheap is also a fun way to dress for Halloween, but you can look cheap without having a hot pink hair color. Get some hair ribbons or barrettes, too. If you are a man that is trying to dress as a woman for Halloween, and you have long hair you may want to consider having someone attempt to style your hair for you. This will prevent you from have to buy a wig to dress as a woman for Halloween.

Step 8

Buy some hairspray. Yes your hair will need to be held into place with hairspray and/or bobby pins for your Halloween costume. You are dressing as a woman for Halloween, you might as well act like the part and have a bottle of hairspray in your purse. You can usually get a bottle of hair spray cheaper at a department store cheaper than you can purchase a bottle of hair spray from the drug store. Put on your wig or get your hair styled after you have your Halloween costume on, this will prevent from messing up your hair do.

Step 9

Don't forget the bright and shiny pieces of Bling. Get some costume jewelry for your Halloween dressing up secession. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, ankle bracelets, clip on earrings and maybe even a nose ring are all good suggestions for dressing up as a woman for Halloween. If you are going to purchase jewelry instead of borrow it, check out the dollar stores to get the most value for your money.

Step 10

Get a purse. Again try to borrow one from a friend. Purses will cost a bit of money, so check the thrift stores for that absolutely perfect purse accessory to accommodate you dressing as a woman for Halloween. I do not advise filling your purse with valuables, chances are you are not used to having to carry or watch over a purse, and you may be likely forgetting the purse for that exact reason. If you do not want to carry an empty purse, perhaps you can fill it with fun Halloween items, such as Halloween toys, a Halloween mug or some glow sticks.

Step 11

Practice walking around in your costume before the night of the Halloween party. It may not be as easy as you think to dress up as a woman. A little bit of practice now may save you some serious embarrassment on the big Halloween party night.

Have fun, Halloween only comes once a year.

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