This is a term that has been used for many years, but it seems that in todays rapidly changing work environment the 'casual business attire' has taken root as the mainstay for modern business offices. Now, don't get me wrong, I believe that it is good to have a choice of what to wear to work, but sometimes when I look around the office I really cannot believe what some people can get away with wearing to work. It almost seems as if people don't care about looking professional any more. This article is written for people who work in a 'casual' business workplace. I have always believed in the title phrase, not only because of the alluring key word 'success' but because when I wear nice clothes, I am more confident in myself and I do my job better. I believe this goes for many people out there as well.

When I see people in an office wearing blue jeans or baseball caps, it makes me wonder what kind of impression they are giving thier clients that come and visit, because if I were a customer, I would be expecting to see a 'professional' team working for me. I'm not saying that everyone who goes to work should be wearing a suit and tie, but they should be wearing something that looks professional and doesn't look like its street wear or something they'd wear on the weekend at the park. If I had my way then I would want to see everyone wearing suits to work again, the reason for this is that when we dress up, we feel better about ourselves; we have more confidence in ourselves and we are MORE PRODUCTIVE. If you don't believe what I am saying then go into your closet and dust off your suit, put it on and go stand in front of the mirror. Look yourself up and down and tell yourself that you DON'T feel better about yourself. If you seemed to have outgrown your suit then imagine how you looked when you did fit in it. You should be standing in front of the mirror and feeling pretty good about how you look right now, go one step further and imagine you are going to work feeling this good about yourself. Do you think you'll be more confident in getting what you want? getting what you DESERVE? I thought so!

Depending on what your position is, you can't always go into work wearing a power suit because that could be 'overdressing' for your station, or it may not be suitable clothing for the line of work you do. So a good rule of thumb that I like to follow is to look at whatever your job is and whatever everyone else is wearing/is expected to wear that is at the same 'level' in your organization. You want dress one or two 'levels' above this standard dress code. For example, If your co-workers come to work wearing golf shirts and dress pants then opt for a dress shirt, or possibly a shirt and tie instead. Its not a big change, but it may be enough to make you stand out from your peers.

Following this simple rule will make sure that you don't overdress, but at the same time you are showing your superiors that you are professional and want to succeed. By doing this you will stand out from the crowd and get noticed. When it comes to corporate life, if you can get noticed then that is one step closer to achieving the level you want. Once you have the focus on you, you can start to really show what you are made of and the possibilities are as infinite as your ability to perform.

I hope that tomorrow, when you go to chose what you are going to wear to work, you take a moment to think about the phrase "Dress For Success" and what clothes you have that will set you apart from the rest of crowd. If you do not have anything appropriate, then start saving up and build your wardrobe slowly. With time you will have all the clothes you need to help you succeed in todays competitive and ever changing business environment.