Purchasing formal clothing for business or pleasure can often prove problematic. For those who are not particularly accustomed to dressing formally on a day to day basis, it can prove difficult to maintain a smart yet fashionable, comfortable to wear and tailored look. The key to creating this look is to acquire the perfect bottoms. For this reason, this article will guide you through locating and acquiring the most suitable dress pants for all given situations.

Regardless of your age and gender, dress pants are outstandingly versatile formal or business apparel. Well-fitting dress pants of a color which coordinates with the rest of your wardrobe will raise your appearance to a whole new level. It is for this reason that high quality, well-fitting dress pants are not only seen as a wardrobe essential but are also a wise investment. No longer will you be left wondering which item of clothing you should invest the most of your money on.

When searching for dress pants, you should consider the following factors: First and foremost, your chosen pants should fit well on your frame and should feel comfortable enough to be worn on a regular basis. Dress pants will typically be designed to rest on your waist, a fraction beneath your belly button. The more modern styles are likely to fit lower on the hips. The style of dress pant you choose will determine where they will rest on your frame and how they will hang.

Dress pants should always be of the correct leg length. The pant's hem should never make contact with the floor and they should never show over half your shoe. It is therefore recommended that you try the pants on with the shoes you wear the most often. This will ensure that you acquire the correct length of pant. Women who wear heels should ensure that their chosen dress pants show only half of the heel's length.

The color and material of your dress pants are also an important consideration. If you only intend to purchase one pair of dress pants then you should select a 'safe' color such as black or grey as a pant in either of these colors will complement the majority of the tops and shoes that you currently own. Whichever pant color you choose, make sure that it will complement a range of tops and shirts in your wardrobe. Certain fabrics are suitable for certain seasons. As a result, attempt to purchase dress pants in a material that will keep you warm during the winter months but will not prove too hot to wear during the summer months. Avoid choosing pants that are made from linen and wool as these materials are typically not seen as being suitable to be worn all year round.