Dress like an adult.
Credit: Ryan Gosling

Style is never an accident.  Rather you are 10 years old or 80 years old; style is never an accident.  Get dressed with a purpose and feel your energy/confidence sky rocket.  The females are out there and available.  You are not Justin Bieber, dress like a man and find a woman. 

So you have your first real, post college date and you have no idea what to wear.  Suddenly your intentionally ripped jeans and Michigan State University t-shirt don't seem appropriate when taking out another young professional.  Let's get you dressed and ready to go:

I'm hoping by this point in your life you were forced to buy a suit or two in college and hopefully you chose blue, black and gray if you're really smart.  Let's also hope they were relatively fitted and not your fathers suit he bought in 1991 that could also be used as a picnic blanket.  If you do not own a suit or atleast a fabolous dress coat stop now!  Go buy a fitted suit that fits you properly and come back to me when you're done. 

Accept that you are not at a university any more. 

Accept that she has a job and probably makes more money than you.

Accept that your only goal for tonight is to look sharp and not say anything offending.

Deal?  Great. Moving on.

Regardless of anything you read here, make sure you are yourself.  If you wear a leather bracelet everyday for 10 years, wear it.  If you hate dress shoes, find some slim/solid color casual shoe.

Let's assume you are going to a nice dinner and out for some cocktails afterwards. 

I'm an American and I believe every outfit revolved around blue jeans.  Find a pair of dark colored, fitted blue jeans.  I prefer Levis.  The pockets should be clean, you are not a pop star, you are not 14, your pockets should not draw attention to your butt.  No jewels gentleman. 

Next, pick out the suit coat that best goes with the jeans.  I prefer gray, but black with black shoes is always great and if you go with navy then you need brown shoes.  Pick out your belt, it must match your shoes.  It doesn't have to match exactly, it's great to mismatch your shades of browns.  Don't be scared of boots, remember you are a man now and a nice pair of stylish boots can absolutely make an outfit. 

Now lets get a shirt for you to wear.  It should not have a logo, or a company symbol on it no matter what.  Feel free to get creative here depending on where you are going, you can wear a nice v-neck t-shirt, a plain or designed t-shirt under the suit coat also.  Beware of colors though please.  The safe bet is to put on a white fitted dress shirt, unbotten a few buttons and look great. 

Do not wear a hat.  Do not use gel if you can avoid it, you need a pomeade.  No one likes hard hair any more.  Get rid of the massive wallet and only carry necessities.  If you wear glasses, clean the lenses. Always wear an undershirt.  A clean undershirt.  Always have fun with your socks, actually starts a lot of conversations.  Tie your shoes.  And have a great night!