Have you ever seen someone dress up as Santa Claus for Halloween? I'm surprised I haven't. My experiences don't count because I hardly go out on the day to wear a costume. Imagine someone does that and puts something that denotes as antlers on a dog to display it as a reindeer. I would consider anything that is wrapped around a dog's neck as torture. That shouldn't be allowed. Anyways, I'm sure it would be quaint to have Santa Claus during Halloween. Seeing other Christmas icons during the October holiday would be merrier. There are Mrs. Santa Claus, elves, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Grinch, and Ebenezer Scrooge. Please don't mimic Scrooge and say, "Bah! Humbug!"

Economy Flannel Santa Suit Adult Halloween Costume

If you're planning to dress up as Santa Claus for Halloween, you can go online to buy an Economy Flannel Santa Suit Adult Halloween Costume. There's only one size (2.5 lbs.) for this outfit, and it comes in standard size. If you want to add a belly to your overall appearance, you could also buy a separate item for that.

There's only one review for the adult Santa suit. Two out of two people found the review helpful. The author stated it is a great product that included all the essential pieces to turn individuals into a real-life Santa Claus. The person also gave five stars for fun and educational and only four stars for durability. The reviewer doesn't have any other review on Amazon to read.

Economy Santa Beard & Wig Set Adult

If you already have the clothing to be Santa Claus, or have the skills to sew your own red Santa clothing, then maybe buying an Economy Santa Beard & Wig Set Adult may be appropriate for you. Be aware that the link I provided leads you to an one-size item. It only costs less than $20.00. There is no product description for this 5.6 ounces item.

I will now check out why this Santa beard and wig set only get three stars out of five. It does have two customer reviews. Last year a person gave the product five out of five stars. No one else has chosen whether that positive review was helpful to him/her. The author stated the set of beard and wig gets the job done, it didn't look cheap, and was absolutely pleased with it. The item could be helpful to get if you wanted a head of white hair sometime in the future. The hair and beards are two separate pieces. Nevertheless, the reviewer stated it probably is not an ideal product to wear for many consecutive days. No reason was stated for that opinion. It probably doesn't seem to have been manufactured with very durability material. The buyer of this product just wore it for one night.

Another customer gave the beard and wig set one star out of five back in December 2007. Two out of two people found the review helpful. The person bought the item because they lost the one that they had. Even though it was made by the same company, but wasn't close to being the same beard. The reason is because the strap for it would not stay on, and couldn't figure out how to get it stay in place. The reviewer also couldn't believe shipping was $8.00 when the product came in a big envelope. I must agree with the person since shipping almost cost as much as the beard and wig set.