Dressing up as a character from a movie, television, or comic book series can be an absolutely amazing thing because you will get a ton of comment and attention from the other people around you! However, there are literally thousands of character costumes to choose from. Speaking about the Batman series alone, there are at least 10 characters that you can dress up as! However, there is one specific female character that I would highly recommend...

Poison Ivy!

This article is filled with different kinds of Poison Ivy costume ideas that you can use to make your next Halloween or party outfit! Some of these are homemade versions of the costume and others are store bought options; however, they are all excellent ways to dress up as the best Batman character in the series!

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Green Is The Key To Looking Like Poison Ivy

This rule applies to every single woman that is trying to dress up as Poison Ivy, regardless of whether their costume is homemade or store bought!

The main color of the costume should definitely be green!

The character from the Batman series, known as Poison Ivy, was created to look, and act, like the dangerous plant! She is green in color, and has the power to poison people! With that being said, you should really make an effort to “get as green as possible”.

This means wearing green eye shadow, a pair of green tights, and even painting your nails green. Most store bought Poison Ivy costumes will come with the main green outfit and some ivy-looking accessories; however, they won’t come with the extras like green nail polish and tights. However, these are the true factors to executing the best Poison Ivy costume ideas!

Be sure to include all of these green things, and you will put all of the Batman and Catwoman costumes to shame!

Creating The Best Do-It-Yourself Poison Ivy Costume

It can be relatively easy to create a do-it-yourself costume of one of the sexiest Batman characters, provided that you have the right instructions!

There are 5 different aspects that you should be focusing on when creating this costume:

-Face Makeup: It is Poison Ivy’s combination of green eye shadow and red lipstick that make her so attractive, so you MUST include them in your costume.

-Hair: This Batman character is famous for her vibrant red hair. However, this is not as simple as realizing that you’re a redhead! You must head to the costume store to buy some bright red dye to achieve this highly sought after look! Or you can simple buy a vibrant red wig to put over your own hair.

-Gloves: You should be looking for a long pair of vinyl or leather gloves that nearly reach to your elbows! Keep your eyes open for a bright green pair; however, you can choose to paint any pair that you find if you have trouble finding green.

-Leggings: No Poison Ivy costume would be complete without the addition of a pair of green fishnet stockings. They are not the easiest fashion accessories to find, but you will be able to get your hands on a pair if you look for long enough.

-Outfit: Just like Catwoman dresses in all black clothing, Poison Ivy tends to stick to green! With that being said, you should be looking for a green short dress to wear as part of your costume. Once you have found the dress you can focus on super gluing some fake green leaves onto it!

Turn Any Of The Poison Ivy Costumes Into Group Costume Ideas!

The most amazing thing about any of the Poison Ivy costume ideas that are found throughout this article is that they can look great while being worn alone or in a group!

You can choose to walk into a Halloween party while being dressed as the legendary Batman villain and you will attract a ton of attention and comments. However, you can also choose to dress up with a group of your friends and still look phenomenal! You can have some of your friends dress up as the other characters from the Batman series (Batman, Jokey, Robin, Catwoman), and you will have created one of the best group costume ideas that is also based on one of the best superhero series’ to ever be created!

With all of this being said, you should definitely consider dressing up as this beautiful Batman character for Halloween or your next costume party! You can choose to make the costume yourself using materials that you have gathered or buy one of the costumes on Amazon and avoid all of the work!

Regardless of the choice that you make, these Poison Ivy costume ideas will help you to look exactly like your favourite female Batman character...that is, unless you like Catwoman more!