There are a handful of pop star costumes that are highly recognizable! Whether they have a signature tattoo or a type of clothing that they always wear, most fans will be able to recognize a costume of their favourite musical artist in a matter of seconds!

You can choose to dress up as any pop star for Halloween; however, I would highly recommend dressing up as the legendary Katy Perry! Not only has she released a ton of hits, but she is also an idol for many young girls that listen to the radio on a daily basis!

There are many ways to execute Katy Perry costume ideas, whether you are wearing them for Halloween or to a costume party. Some of these ideas involve creating your own homemade costume, others involve buying one from a store, and some even involve a combination of both options! I can guarantee that you will come out with one of the best Katy Perry costumes that anyone has ever seen once you have finished reading through this article, regardless of which option that you choose!

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Make Your Own Teenage Dream Costume

Most people automatically think that creating their own Katy Perry Halloween costume is nearly impossible; however, you can become a “Teenage Dream” in less than an hour!

The legendary pop star is absolutely famous for one of her most outrageous feats...dying her hair a vibrant blue color! With that being said, the wig is one of the key components of a homemade Teenage Dream costume.

Take a look at the selection of Katy Perry blue wigs on Amazon, and you will surely find one that suits your specific budget, regardless of how large or small that it is!

The next goal is to pair that wig with an outfit that this famous pop star would wear. She is known to wear vibrantly colored outfits that show some skin, so take a look through your closet and choose the clothes that fit the best!

Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” Costume

“Last Friday Night” is Katy Perry’s latest hit, and features a young girl that loves to party! In essence, this outfit is definitely one of the best Katy Perry costume ideas for girls that are in their early 20’s and love to party because it best represents their lives at this point in time!

This is one of the best pop star costumes that you can get your hands on because the clothes can be used for non-dress up occasions! For instance, you can wear this Katy Perry outfit for a Halloween party, and then wear the exact same clothes to a regular party that you will be attending! It is essentially a 2 for 1 deal!

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A Homemade “Wide Awake” Katy Perry Costume Idea

“Wide Awake” is one of Katy Perry’s most popular songs, and definitely does a phenomenal job at showcasing the pop star’s amazing voice and persona! Out of all of the Katy Perry costume ideas, I would definitely recommend the Wide Awake outfit for its ease of use!

Not only do you get to choose the dress that you would like to wear, but it is also super-easy to create! I would say that this is one of the easiest homemade pop star costumes to wear!

The first step involves getting your hands on a beige dress! You can search your closet or head to the mall to get one, but I would recommend getting one that is absolutely comfortable because you will be wearing it for a few hours! Katy wore a draping Maxi dress in her Wide Awake video, but the choice is completely yours!

Next, you should be using super glue or tape to stick a few fake flowers throughout the dress! Super glue will definitely hold the flowers on much better, but tape will allow you to re-use the dress once you have taken the flowers off! Once again, the choice is completely yours!

Style your hair in a wavy fashion to look like hers and you will have executed one of the easiest homemade costume ideas on the market!

At the end of the day, there are literally hundreds of pop star costumes, that you can buy from online marketplaces like Amazon; however, Katy Perry seems to be one of the most entertaining musicians at the moment!

She has released a ton of hits, and has built up a fan base that is in the tens of millions. With that being said, any girl should be glad to use the Katy Perry costume ideas that are described throughout this article! The fact that many of them can be made from old clothing and accessories gives the person even more of a reason to be “Wide Awake” in their costume!