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Dress for Your Man

It's Not That Complicated

If you girls are going out with your man or going out to find a good one, you should dress in a way that men like instead of dressing for your girlfriends.  Your girlfriends most likely prefer a different style than men.  They may even revolt if you dress to impress your man.[1]  If you’re going to go to the trouble of stepping out and even if attracting a guy is not your first priority, dressing in a way to make it more likely surely isn’t a bad thing.  I can’t necessarily speak for all men when discussing clothing strategy, but I think I have a general idea of what we prefer.

I’m sure most women are aware that men are visual creatures and that first impressions matter.  We all come away from our first meeting with someone, whether male or female, with some kind of impression and that will likely stick for a while.  How you dress is part of that first impression.  The situation is different if you are going out with your spouse, significant other or someone you’ve been dating a while.  There may be instances in which you could care less about what he thinks of your style.  However, at some point, you may want to dress in a way that pleases him.  We all appreciate the effort.

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Most of Us Don't Notice Accessories

Women obsess over their purses.  I think that may be the first thing one woman notices about Woman with solid topCredit: wikipedia commons public domain - Frank Kovalchek from Anchorage, Alaska, USAhttp://www.flickr.com/people/72213316@N00another.  What sort of handbag does she have?  On the other hand, I don’t believe I’ve ever noticed anything about a purse.  Most guys don’t.  A corollary to this is the coordination of the purse with the shoes and other items of apparel.  I don’t notice any of that kind of thing unless the purse reminds me of a giant saddle bag or is otherwise comparable in size to the girl carrying it. 

Jewelry also falls in line with things we don’t really notice, unless it’s excessive.  Jewelry may be good if it makes you feel confident and good about yourself and your girlfriends like it, but we don’t really notice.  For some reason, I like how it looks when a woman wears a watch, but it can’t be ostentatious or too large.  Similarly, if you have larger arms, then a tiny watch doesn’t flatter you either.

Wear Heels or Boots

One thing we do notice are high heels.  Maybe not so high you’re in danger of falling, but moreHigh heeled bootCredit: wikipedia commons public domain - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Shansov.net than an inch.  Every woman looks sexier in high heels.  I apologize for us liking them to the extent they are uncomfortable or difficult for walking; nevertheless, we think they’re hot.  We
 don’t notice so much if they match your purse or not, but we do observe and appreciate that you’re wearing them.

We also like the look of boots on a woman.  The boots can be with a short dress or even jeans.  Boots seem to go well with just about everything to us.  The look is doubly good if the boots have some heel to them.  You can wear boots in the cooler months and be comfortable and still have the look that pleases your man.

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Wear Clothes that Fit

Wearing loose fitting clothing that looks like a burlap sack is never a good look, nor is clothing that’s excessively tight.  No one wants to see muffin top.  Even if your ego says you’re a size four, if you have muffin top better to go another size up.  You can still look shapely and good if the clothes aren’t skin tight.  Too loose is probably even worse.  That implies that you don’t care about your appearance.  Now, that implication may be incorrect, but you’re giving off those vibes with ultra loose clothes.

Simple is Better

We’re Not Fashion Designers

Fashion designer disasterCredit: wikipedia commons public domain - http://www.runway-mag.com/The more clothes appear to be high fashion, the less likely we are going to like them.[2]  For instance, in some years shoulder pads or wide shoulders for women’s garments are the “in” thing.  That may be what they are promoting in Paris and New York; however, guys didn’t get the memo and aren’t enthused by these types of tops.  The designers are most interested in the clothes themselves and may want their garments to be the center of attention.  We’re more interested in the women wearing the clothes.  Wearing the latest thing might please your girlfriends and draw attention from them; however, we are mostly immune to the fashion winds and won’t notice unless your outfit stands out in a weird way.

Patterns May Distract Us

Solid colors are better than patterns.  We like the female form and patterns can be a distraction.  Likewise, frilliness and poofy tops are not a positive for us.  Most dresses and skirts are attractive to men, except maybe long billowing dresses or skirts like a hippie chick might have worn years ago.  The idea is that the dress or skirt follows your form instead of distractingConfident woman wearing simple top and slacksCredit: wikipedia commons public domain - Frank Kovalchek from Anchorage, Alaska, USAhttp://www.flickr.com/people/72213316@N00 from it.  You are probably more critical of your form than we are.  Rock what you’ve got!

For many occasions, nice jeans and a simple top work for us.  Similarly, we like form fitting dresses.  I like women in leather jackets in cooler weather.  For most of us, less is more.  Not necessarily less clothing, but simpler clothing.  We want to see you, not a fashion billboard.  The only exception I would make to that is you should wear whatever makes you feel confident in the situation.  If you don’t like what you’re wearing that might come across to us.  Be comfortable and confident in your outfit.

Basic Rule

The most basic rule to consider as you prepare to go out is whether or not your man, or men in general, will like your ensemble.  Are you dressing to fit in with other women or to be attractive to your man?  What women think is cool or sexy is no doubt different from a man’s thoughts on the matter.  Consider your audience before you get dressed.  One of us may even tell you that you look awesome.

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