So you got the little Honda dirt bike, and you're digging on your new hobby, but you're wondering what else is there that you can do with your new motorcycle. Or may be you haven't yet invested in the sweet little Suzuki that is calling to you from the corner motorcycle shop. A used one is not as expensive as you think. Most deals will be only too happy to put you on a payment plan even if you haven't got a credit card. So go ahead, enter the fine and exciting world of fast fast fast!

You don't have to invest in the trail hitch right away, for step one you can pull a small dirt bike up into the bed of your pick up, or buy an inexpensive ramp. Even if you live in Los Angeles, it isn't far to some really cool places to ride. 50 miles north on the I-5 is Gorman, California with Hungry Valley. Trails galore! Five or ten miles up the road is the Frazier Park exit where you can get to Lockwood Valley and Pine Mountain Club. The sheer beauty might take your mind of spine tingling jumps.

Things You Will Need

Things you Will Need Include:

A good helmet. What ever you skimp on, don't skimp on this. Buy an Arai or Shoei if you want to get radical. Your head will thank you for it. Don't buy a helmet used, on Ebay, or at a garage sale. You have no way of knowing if it's been compromised in an accident.

A pair of riding boots. Chest protector, riding pants and gloves. Road rash can be such a yucky thing.

Step 1

Ready to dress up the ride? How about a new jet kit or a power commander. The extra boost will rock your world. Unlike a helmet or gloves, this is a simple thing to buy on-line. Simply visit the Dyno-jet website (google "dynojet") and put in the make and model of your bike. The exact manufacturer's part number will come up for your specific dirtbike. With this information you can easily price compare. Just be sure you go with a reputable dealer. Some years back there was a fraud scare with the jet kits. A reputable dealer will gladly take back a defective part, and have their return policy mounted on their page.

Step 2

Plenty of reputable dealers sell on Ebay as well, their overstock, older stock, and returned items a huge discounts. Check the feedback to make sure you are working with someone who has been in the business. There ought to be a phone number provided where you can talk to a live person. You would be surprised at the number of after market exhausts you can put on your bike for loud sound and extra umph!

Once again I would suggest you simply visit the manufacturer's site directly, D&D exhaust, Akropovic, Yoshimura, Two Brothers, and get the part-number. Then comparison shop. There's no reason not to buy this sort of thing on Ebay, if it's new in the box and cheaper than a retail store. also has a not-so-well known motorcycle parts store. If you pay with Paypal you can expect some buyer protection.

Step 3

As far as gloves, hats and pants I suggest you visit a retail store first. Try the thing on and get a part number before you search on line. A lot places do not refund on leathers or riding gear, so you want to ensure the fit. All things being equal, you can expect any on-line site to be cheaper than any retail store, as they don't have to stock inventory or pay for rental space.


Tips & Warnings

You can easily spend the big bucks on this hobby, and so what? In this economy, it's cheaper than buying a Harley. And Sooooo much fun. Vrooooom