Dress warm and still look good this winter(121217)
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Lets face it- when winter rolls around, most of us end up looking like the lady on the right when we bundle up. Just to keep ourselves warm, we wear several pounds of clothing and walk around looking like Oompa Loompas (no offense to any actual Oompa Loompas reading that). 

1- Wear multiple thin layers-- Instead of two or three thick ones

Dress in layers
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When it's really cold outside-- and I mean so cold that you realize that just wearing a jacket just doesn't cut it anymore-- most people tend to do what seems to be the most logical option. They just wear another jacket on top of that! Or a thick sweater underneath. Either way, they end up looking much puffier and fatter than the average person would like to look. It's not only an issue of looks; dressing this way also tends to be very uncomfortable. This can all be avoided with a little bit of warmth science. 

By "warmth science," I mean insulation. When you wear several thin layers under your clothes, the pockets of air act as insulators, preventing the heat from escaping your body even though the cloth itself is not so thick.  Besides sweaters and jeckets, there are mainly two layers of clothing you can add to what you're wearing:


  1. Thermals: Thermals go all the way at the bottom, are very thin, and removes the necessity for the extra jacket or sweater without adding too much mass to your figure. When buying thermals, buy ones that are made of cotton or fleece. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT buy the ones that are made off wool. They may be cheaper, but you'll be itchy wearing these all day. I bought some made of wool; I wore them once and threw them away. 

  2. Undershirts and underpants:  When buying undershirts, buy something tight-fitting, because you'll be wearing more clothes on top if it. If it's loose, you'll be uncomfortable because of the folds caused by wearing clothes over loose clothes. 

    Same goes for underpants. If you're a man and you wear boxers, wear the ones that fit tightly around your legs; not the ones that hang loosely around the sides. 

2- Wear a vest or two-- Instead of a second sweater/ jacket

Wear a vest- or two!
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I was originally going to make this part of the previous section about wearing multiple layers, but people so often underestimate the value of wearing a vest during the winter, I decided to devote a separate section to it. 

The advatages of wearing a vest is that:

  1. It's stylish, if you can find the right one that looks good on you
  2. It covers no more or less than necessary. When you wear a sweater or an extra jacket, the only important benefit you get out of it is that it covers your chest. But having an extra layer covering your arms is unnecessary; your arms are not very sensitive to the cold. 
  3. It's versatile. You can wear a vest with pretty much any type of outfit- formal, semi-formal, or casual
  4. Abraham Lincoln often wore a vest. Need I say more? 

3- Get a thick, sturdy coat-- Instead of a fat, puffy one

Get a thick, sturdy coat
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Many people tend to think that just because a jacket looks big and fat, it'll keep you warmer; but that's just not the case. Most of these jackets are made of polyester or cotton, which are not nearly as good as wool when it comes to keeping you warm. If you want to wear something that looks good and also keeps you warm, get a thick, wool jacket. It will look thin compared to other jackets, but when you touch it, you'll feel that it is thick, and when you carry it, it'll be just as heavy. 

4- Wear an ear band-- Instead of a hat

Wear an ear band(121226)
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Personally, one of my least favorite things about winter was that I had to wear a hat-- and mess up my hair!  I also was not very confident about how I looked with my hair covered. So when I found out that there were these things called earbands that keep your ears warm, I was  ecstatic!

Even in the harshest weather, your head doesn't need to be covered if you have hair already covering it. It's your ears that need protection, and it's your ears that burn from the cold if you dont keep them covered. So unless you're bald, you might as well buy earbands; but if you are bald, you probably don't have a problem with wearing a normal hat in the first place. 

5- Focus more on covering the sensitive parts-- Instead of just covering everything indiscrimiately

Focus more on covering the sensitive parts rather than covering everything indiscrimiately
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You'll notice that this lady is wearing a jacket and a scarf, but on her legs, she's only wearing leggings. You may also have noticed throughout your life that in freezing cold temperatures when you're wearing ten pounds of clothing and still shivering, there are women out there dressed the same way-- jackets and scarves on top, nothing but leggings on the bottom. From this, you may have made the only reasonable conclusion: Woman are aliens that are immune to the cold. 

Well, not quite. The reason they are able to do this, is because they know which parts of their body are most important to cover.

Certain parts of your body are more vulnerable to the cold--and thus need more protection-- than others. Your arms and legs are not so vulnerable to the cold, so you could get away with not covering them. The most important parts of your body that need to be covered are:


  1. Your chest- This is why I mentioned earlier that a vest serves better then a sweater as an extra layer under your coat or jacket; it covers only your chest, which is the only part that benefits from an extra layer of protection

  2. Your ears- This is why I recommended earbands in the last section, as opposed to covering the entire head, which is not necessary and many people find uncomfortable and distasteful

  3. Your neck- Your neck is perhaps the most important part of your body that needs to be covered when it's cold outside. You could wear layers and layers of clothing on the rest of your body, but if your neck is exposed, you'll feel cold and get sick much more easily than if the opposite was true. 

This should all be more than enough to keep you warm without having to wear several pounds of clothing. However, there are other ways to keep your body warm besides wearing warm clothes. There are even certain foods that keep your body temperature up, and if you want this to be a warm, comfortable winter, you should learn about those as well.