Purchasing a dresser that has the right dimensions and accessories can make your clothing storage more efficient.  There are numerous choices when it comes to choosing just the right dresser for each individual in your family.  Mirrors are great for people who get dressed in their bedrooms, deep drawers help to store sweaters and other bulky items, while hutches give additional storage space.  There are probably more choices out there, than you have time to weed out so maybe you should get started.

Dressers with Mirrors

Buying a dresser with a mirror means you do not have to fight the other members of the family when dressing or putting on make-up.  When you purchase them as a set rather than trying to mix and match your furniture will look like it belongs.  If you have an oak dresser and pick up a modern chrome mirror, it may not look quite right.  The dresser and mirror set might be ornate or plain depending on your taste.  If you intend to use your dresser and mirror combo to put on make-up a lighted mirror can be helpful.  The main drawback to getting a mirror with lights is plugging it in.  This may not sound like a big deal but it will have an effect on where you can place the chest of drawers.  I am not too crazy about lighted dresser mirrors but that is just my personal opinion.

Dressers with Hutches

A dresser with an attached hutch means that you have additional storage space above the chest of drawers.  This can work out great if you have plenty of room up but are short on floor space.  I do not know about your house but in mine, floor space is at a premium.  Trying to find the space to cram one more bookshelf or table is like doing a puzzle.  The shelves and drawers within the hutch itself can really expand your bedroom storage.  It can almost be like having an entire bookshelf added into the room.  The main drawback with hutches is the weight allowances.  Do not start piling that old set of encyclopedias onto it before finding out if the chest of drawers was engineered to withstand the weight.  You can get long shelves, long and short, or boxy shelves with your hutch. 

Dressers with Deep Drawers

If you find you have a surplus of sweaters or other bulky clothing, checking out a dresser with deep drawers is a good idea.  This type of chest of drawers can have drawers that go up to 19 inches.  That may not sound like a lot but it is much deeper than a standard dresser.  Some dressers have drawers that are only 7 inches deep.  That just is not enough for many people.  This is a great choice for people with a closet shortage.  If you do not have enough closet space you may need to come up with your storage where you can.  Some of these sets have one or two deep drawers towards the bottom with shallow drawers at the top.  You really need to check that out before making your final decision.  Do you want all deep drawers or are a couple enough.

Dressers with Mirrors and Hutches

This is my personal favorite style of chest of drawers.  A dresser with a hutch and mirror is the best of both worlds.  You get your mirror for personal beatification and get some additional storage space.  You will not get as much storage as you would with just a hutch but you can put your jewelry boxes or whatever on the shelves.  You can get a dresser with a mirror, hutch, and deep drawers if you are really feeling wild.

You may be limited by where you shop, your materials, and your budget.  If you decide to go the cheap Wal-Mart route, you may not have quite as many styles to choose from.  If you hit a custom furniture shop, the choices might be extreme but it could blow your budget right out of the water.  Finding a nice furniture shop that is moderate in cost but does have some options might be your best option.  You can window shop at many furniture stores online.  This can cut down on travel time and let you see what the good stuff goes for.  Just do not get too fond of anything that is out of your budget.  That tends to be my biggest problem when shopping online.  There is some great stuff out there but some of it is excessively expensive.  If you have the extra funds that is great but if you do not you need to deal with that fact.

I have probably caused more shopping confusion for you than you had when you started looking.  If you want to go back to thinking only of a chest of drawers with no accessories then I guess that is ok.


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