Let's face it, everyone wants to find dresses under $50. There are tons of places online and offline to find cheap dresses under $50 and even some under $40.

 The real trick is that you have to know where to look to get the best deals for dresses online.

There are a few obvious places to get designer casual pieces and even cheap casual dresses, but you need to be persistent. Your persistence obviously will pay off, just like with anything in your life.

Remember that some cheap dresses on and offline are just plain cheap and you get what you pay for. So to find real cheap discounted dresses, you need to be aware that really really cheap dresses for the sake of just being discounted will look plain bad. You ultimately want real finds and not just tacky dresses.

So remember to think outside the box when looking for discount dresses on sale. There are tons of options online and offline. Also check the clearance sections first and shop out of season. If you want cool cheap beach dresses, shop online in the summer this includes sites like Ebay too.

 Cheap Dresses under $50 – Where to Find Them

  1. Forever21.com – Forever 21 actually has some really cute and inexpensive clothes. As a woman in her 30s, there are even dresses that on this site that are great for women who are still fashion forward but don't want to look like they're 8. Remember to check the clearance dresses for even cheaper finds.

  2. Ebay – obviously this is a no brainier. Ebay has just about anything for cheap including clothes. The best option to search Ebay is to remember to search popular misspellings. So if you love cheap BeBe dresses remember to check for alternate spellings like Bee Bee or just plain B. Often you'll find no one bidding and you may be able to score cheap dresses for pennies on the dollar. Also contact sellers with expired listings on cheap dresses you really want. Often times the seller just wants to get rid of the inventory. And they'll be happy to offload the clothes at a discount.

  3. Price Aggregators – Don't forget price aggregator sites like Nextag. These site's sole purpose is to go out and find the cheapest prices for items on sale. If there is a type of dress you are looking for like a cheap strapless dress online. Do a search for “strapless dress”. Nextag will go out and find online sales and return immediate results. Often times you can get brand new dresses for just a few bucks. Also remember to sign up for their email notfier so that they can email you when they find dresses under $100.

  4. Vintage Stores and Thirft Stores – These stores are a given offline. But remember to get the best cheap dresses you must go to the better higher end areas of your town. Look for expensive and designer dresses that are cheap. You'll be surprised with what you find. Consider buying larger dresses too, as you can always get them altered to suit your size and taste.

 There you have it. There are tons of options for dresses under $50. You might be surprised with what you find when you really look hard enough online and offline.

 Remember that getting cheap dresses are possible but you must always be creative in your pursuits.


Where do you go to find dresses under $50? under $100?