Wearing Clothes When One Has a Pear Shaped Body

   There are many different types of body shapes.  Many are named after fruits - apple shape, banana, and pear - and of course, the non-fruit shape, the hourglass figure.  Have you ever been curious as to why women's body shapes are named after fruits?  Try telling a guy he's a "pear".  There are all sorts of in-betweens, too.  Apparently the apple and pear shapes are most common among females.  The apple is the downward triangle, the pear, the upward triangle.  Which means with an apple the bulk of the body is on top.  And with a pear shaped body, the bulk of the body is below the waist.  This means heavier hips, butt, and thighs for the woman with the pear shaped body.  I happen to be one of those woman with a pear shaped body, big in the hips, butt and thighs.  Some people like to be kind and call it "generous" with regards to my hips.  I say call a spade a spade - they are large hips.  With all the trimmings.  I exercise to try to keep in shape but there's no changing a body type unless I opted for very drastic surgery, such as adding six inches to my bust and carving away six inches from my hips and thighs.  The best I can do is try to dress in such a way that my pear shape doesn't look quite so defined as a pear, and gears a bit more towards the hourglass figure.  Or  at least a more balanced figure, where my bottom half doesn't dominate. I need to wear clothes that draw attention to my top to help achieve this balance.  Those smaller shoulders and smaller bust need to somehow stand out and say, "Look at me and stop looking at her large butt!". 

  So, what sort of clothes can I wear to help with this more balanced look?  Not a skirt with a bodice and ruffles, that's for sure!  No, I need tops that draw attention to them and away from my large bottom.  Tops with padded shoulders and embellishments - the more the merrier.  Tops with lots of colors and patterns and designs.  I can go zigzag and plaid crazy!  Tops I can pair with all the dark plain skirts and pants in my wardrobe.  Sometimes I heard I shouldn't wear cropped tops because they'll just make my butt and hips look larger.  Other times it seems word is to wear those type of tops if you are pear shaped in order to emphasize a good waistline.  If I wear longer tops it seems like they just add a bit more dimension to my already overextended hips.  Then again, a longer top could give more of that banana appearance - as in straight up and down - rather than pear shaped look.  A-line dresses seem to be one wardrobe item agreed on by the "experts".  I define experts as those who are perfectly proportioned yet know all about those of us who aren't.  Also, most are size six or under, yet claim to have expertise in the area of "full figured fashion". 

  One good way I've found that helps in deciding what styles might look good on my pear shaped body is by looking at pictures on the internet of models with pear shaped bodies to see what they are wearing.  Of course, they are probably wearing the three thousand dollar version of an outfit, but if I shop around I can put together a look alike outfit for less than thirty dollars....or fifty.  The models provide the visual ideas and I provide the rest according to my budget, which is not as large as my hips.  One nice thing about a pear shaped body is being able to wear lots of jewelry, since that provides the extra attention up top.  Necklaces, dangling earrings, and hair jewelry all work well on a pear shaped body to draw attention upwards. 

  One major problem is finding jeans that fit a pear shaped figure.  If I'm able to squeeze my hips into a pair, I end up with a sagging waistline on the jeans.  Along with wide wide pants legs.  Perhaps, instead of fashion designers, clothing manufacturers need to hire engineers to design the perfect jeans for the pear shaped body?  It just might work.