When you are trying to dress up as a pop star for Halloween, choosing one of the Spice Girls’ costumes can be the best choice that you make. There are certain pop stars and musical artists that become forgotten after a few years; nobody remembers bands like Hanson, B44, and NSync. However, there are a handful of pop groups that will always be remembered and cherished; the Spice Girls were so ridiculously popular, that people still listen to their music today!

In addition to listening to their music, there are a ton of Spice Girls Halloween costumes that you can buy. Each of the costumes is designed to look like a different Spice girl; whether you are dressing up as posh spice, baby spice, scary spice, ginger spice, or sporty spice, people will always be able to guess your Halloween costume!

This article will go over the 5 different Spice Girl Halloween costumes that you can wear, and why you should choose each of them!

Dressing Up In A Scary Spice Halloween Costume

Mel B was also known as Scary Spice because she tended to be loud, outgoing, and cat-like. A Scary Spice Halloween costume is perfect for individuals that have loud and outgoing personalities. At the end of the day, a costume is only half of the battle; you must act like the person that you are dressing up as in order to fully portray the person!

With that being said, this is one of the easiest Spice Girls’ costumes to wear because it only involves two pieces! You should head to your local Halloween costume store and get your hands on:

-A black wig with really curly hair

-A leopard print dress or unitard

Combine these two things with an outgoing personality, and people will easily be able to pick you out as being dressed in a sporty spice Halloween costume!

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Going To A Halloween Party As Sporty Spice

Mel C was nicknamed Sporty Spice because she was very athletic, extremely fit, and loved to play sports! Many people choose the sporty spice girl Halloween costume above the rest because it is really easy to pull off, and can be created with the clothes that you already have in your closet.

In order to create your own sporty spice costume, simply combine the following items:

-A pair of yoga pants, or any other pants that can be used to workout.

-A tight tank top or sports bra that cuts off at the top of your stomach.

-A pair of running shoes.

Basically, sporty spice always looks like she’s ready to play sports!

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Baby Spice Is One Of The Best Halloween Costumes For Blonde Women

Emma developed the name baby spice because she was the youngest of all of the people in the band. Nonetheless, this is the perfect spice girls costume for young and blonde women!

In addition, this Halloween costume can be made inexpensively. Follow these instructions to make a do-it-yourself baby spice costume!

-Put on a blonde wig (you don’t need to do this if you already have blonde hair)

-Style your hair with 2 pink hair scrunchies...Emma always had scrunchies in her hair, so a do it yourself baby spice costume requires them!

-Wear a loose pink dress that is form fitting to your body.

-Get your hands on a stylish pair of platform shoes.

Combine all of the above costume accessories, and you will have one of the best do-it-yourself spice girl costumes at any Halloween party!

Redheads Should Dress Up As Ginger Spice

Geri was also known as ginger spice because she had red hair that she loved to flaunt! When it comes to Spice Girls’ costumes, redheads should choose to dress up as Geri Haliwell because it only involves two items!

You must buy a short dress that is plastered with the British flag on the center of it, and a pair of knee-high white boots!

For an added effect, wear a headset with a microphone! That will really allow people to see that you are dressed up in a Ginger spice Halloween costume!

Becoming Posh Spice Is Like Dressing Up As A Spice Girl, A Celebrity, And A Supermodel

Victoria Beckham is known as a celebrity and model; however, she started her career out as a Spice girl that was known as Posh spice. Dressing up in a posh spice Halloween costume is really simple...look like a model. Look at the clothes that are in your closet, and choose the ones that models would wear.

That’s it! Posh spice is the easiest costume to pull off!

There are literally hundreds of ideas when it comes to Spice Girls’ costumes; however, these 5 are the easiest to pull off, and can be made/purchased at inexpensive prices!