The one amazing thing about many movie stars is the fact that people recognize them almost immediately upon seeing them! With recognition being one of the most important factors of dressing up, it is definitely a good idea to go with any of the popular Hollywood costume ideas that you find on the net! But why would you go scouring through the internet when you can find all of the best costumes in one place?

This article will provide you with all of the best options when it comes to dressing up in a Hollywood costume, whether you plan to look like Marilyn Monroe or Slash from Guns N Roses! It features everything from all-in-one costume kits to some do-it-yourself ideas that can be executed with the clothes from your closet!

Dressing Up As A Director-A “Behind The Scenes” Hollywood Costume

People automatically think about Mel Gibson and Spiderman when they imagine Hollywood costume ideas; however, a director is the main “meat” of every single video production! A director is the reason that the most amazing movies, like Titanic, ended up making it to the big screen!

With that being said, you should definitely dress up in a movie director costume for Halloween if you are a big fan of movies. Not only is this costume not seen very often, but it will also make the people around you pretend to act!

This is also the perfect way to pull off the idea of a group of people wearing Hollywood costumes. 2 or 3 of your friends can dress up like actors and actresses, and you can dress in a Hollywood director costume.

You should definitely try to act like a director for the best effect; be sure to shout out “cut” and “action” more than a few times!

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Michael Myers-The Scariest Halloween Costume

Some people head out on Halloween with the intention of making other people laugh, and others go out with the intention of scaring people! This specific costume is geared towards those individuals that enjoy scaring people on the spookiest night of the year!

The outfit is relatively basic, and is perfect for people that are looking for a very comfortable Halloween costume because it simply involves a jump suit, white mask, and fake knife!

To top it off, this costume can be purchased for an inexpensive price since it doesn’t involve much! Check out the selection of Michael Myers costumes and I’m sure that you’ll find a great deal!

Dress Up As A Character From Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland is definitely one of the most popular children’s movies in the history of time. The greatest thing about all of the Alice in Wonderland costumes is that many adults will enjoy them because they will bring back a ton of childhood memories for them!

Here are some of the options when it comes to choosing a character from the story:


-Mad Hatter

-Chesire Cat

-Tweedledee and Tweedledum

-Queen of Hearts

-White Rabbit

These are also great for group costumes because everyone is able to dress up as their own Alice in Wonderland character, but remain part of the same theme! This means that each person will look great in their own costume and as a group!

I should also let you know that wearing the right costume is only half of the battle; you should definitely be acting like the character that you are representing! Watch this classic children’s movie on the night before you are going to wear the costume, and you will definitely be able to act like the Alice in Wonderland character that you are dressing up as!

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Wearing A Darth Vader Costume To A Party

There are literally hundreds of millions of star wars fans, and each of them will appreciate the fact that anyone around them is wearing a costume that is based on any of the famous characters! Women can look great while being dressed as Princess Leia; however, men should definitely consider dressing up in a legendary Darth Vader costume!

There are a few benefits to wearing this specific Star Wars costume; however, the main one seems to be the fact that your face remains covered by the mask. This is absolutely perfect for the individuals that don’t want to expose their identity when being dressed up!

You can even find one that alters your voice to sound like his! Browse through the Darth Vader costumes on Amazon and I’m sure that you’ll find one that suits your needs and budget!

There are a ton of Hollywood costume ideas to choose from; I have simply listed the ones that I think are the best! At the end of the day, you can choose to dress up as everyone from Bruce Lee to Miley Cyrus...the choice is yours!