Dressing for Plus Size Women

Plus Size Women Dressing Up

No hanky panky. Just straight facts!  Rule number one – you need to admit to yourself that you are a substantial woman and more importantly you need to learn your body, be comfortable in it and love it. Dressing tips can be taught – self confidence cannot and there is no better accessory to good dressing than confidence. You could be wearing rags but carry it with the attitude of a princess and you may well start a trend. Confidence also comes from comfort – both with yourself and your choice of plus sized dresses. If you feel awkward in something, don’t buy it! Comfort is of essence. You’ll be less fidgety only adding to that confidence.

Good dressing only adds to your X factor and plus sized women have no more excuses for themselves. Times have changed. Designers have realized the potential of the plus sized market and are catering to them accordingly. Choices are a plenty. If you are uncomfortable purchasing plus sized dresses from stores or boutiques, you have the World Wide Web to your disposal. The Internet is filled with online clothing boutiques catering especially to plus size women. You could browse through a multitude of plus size dresses right from the comfort of your own home. As an added bonus, most of these apparel websites customize clothes to your exact specifications and the icing on the cake would be the fact that the clothes available at online stores are almost always cheaper than those available at boutiques. Do remember to check the credentials of the website though. Look for detailed descriptions of dresses. Also read up on reviews of the website. You could get a lot of information from there.

Plus size women make one big mistake. Because they are classified into one body type, they purchase clothing suited for only one body type. Plus size women can be classified into an apple shaped figure, pear shaped figure etc. you need to recognize your body type. You could be busty or you could have heavy hips and small shoulders. Assess your body carefully. Decide what you like about yourself and what you don’t. If you like the fact that you have thin arms or long legs then select your clothing such that it flatters those features. If you don’t like your hips, then select an A line dress which skims over the hips.

Colors can make or break your look. When selecting a plus size dress, choose a color that suits your skin tone first.  Solid colors look great on a plus sized woman. Dark colors are the stereotyped colors made for plus size women. If you like bright colors go ahead – pick out something bright. Remember to always buy plus size dresses your size. A dress that’s too tight or too loose could emphasize the bulges or could alternatively make you look dumpy. Dressing your exact size is of supreme importance. The right plus sized dresses can make you look smart and confident – traits every woman must have!