Dress Up The Ceiling

You can't just keep up with the Joneses anymore you have to stand apart from them. Homeowners are looking for that certain something to make their homes stand above the rest, be luxurious and chic. Why not look at your trim? Most homes are trimmed by the builder at the basic level and yet its extremely rare to see something interesting on the ceilings, they are simply naked. Dress them up, give them a few accessories to make your rooms look amazing.

A decorative trim can turn a cookie cutter home into a custom designed home with little effort and expense. Right now other homeowners are gravitating towards dressed up windows and doors, rooms with ceiling trim work and decorative wood for the walls, like chair rail. It gives a sense of elegance when you use a bit of crown molding, ceiling medallions or other trim work.

You can find ready to go packages in most home supply stores to trim out your windows and doors in elegant looking trim and coordinating ceiling molding. These come in an assortment of styles for the retro home to the regal elegance, and materials, from MDF to solid woods. You can choose different sizes as well for a more substantial or understated look. You can also look for more custom options and have the millwork done to your exact request to get a unique, customized look for your home.

Being used by discerning home remodels across the country, these are a few of the types of molding that you will see in recent remodels:

Baseboard: Protective trim work that serves a dual purpose as being decorative where floor and wall meet. Large sizes, such as 5/8" x 5 1/4", give the substantial look that is popular right now.

Casing: Decorative molding to cover the gap around doors and windows. Again, for the popular substantial look use the larger sizes, from 3/4" to 3 1/2", to make these areas look more important.

Ceiling trim: A ceiling medallion can draw the eye up to the ceiling in a more formal room, perhaps with a chandelier dangling from the center.

Crown molding: This trim is built up, as if a crown, to add elegance and style to high ceilings and set off the wall color used in the room.

Regardless of what works for your home, using the right style and type of trim for your home can transform a boring space into a spectacular place in a short amount of time.

Interior ceiling trim

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