Dried flowers are not often considered to be items of great value. When our flower bouquets dry up and the flowers die, most people simply throw the dried flowers away. This is a colossal waste as dried flowers can very often be given a second life in many ways! Think twice before you throw out dried flowers again.

What Can I Do With Dried Flowers?

There are many clever ways a person can use dried flowers. Whether the flowers are still on theirs stems or they have been reduced to dried flowers petals, the possibilities are endless. Endless though they may be, below are detailed a few examples on how to best use your dried flowers.

1. Dried Flower Petals Make Great Centerpieces - Try taking some of the petals from dried flowers and putting them in a transparent glass bowl. Don't just throw the flower petals in at random, move them around a bit until you have achieved a decent coverage of the bowl and it doesn't appear to be messy looking. This simple technique is a simple and elegant way to use your dried flowers and give your table a nice classy touch.

2. Hang Dried Flowers On Your Wall - If you hang your old flower bouquets upside down for a week or two, this will create a dried flower bouquet that will likely keep the petals in place of the flower. If you were to then tie the base of the stems together with some ribbon or make some old yarn, you can give your home a warm country feel with your dried flower bouquet hanging on the wall.

3. Great Accent for Weddings - Of course there is usually a flower girl throwing fresh flower petals on the runway of most weddings, but dried flowers can be a great addition to the centerpieces at reception tables. At first you may think that dried flowers may give the wrong idea at a wedding, but the color combinations and unique character of dried flower arrangements can make for some very stunning wedding centerpieces.

4. Gifts of Dried Flower Arrangements - Dried flower arrangements can be fantastic and stylish gifts, whether arranged in a gift basket with candies and candles, or arranged in a nice vase. One of the major benefits of dried flower arrangements is the simple fact that there is no water needed as the dried flowers are already dead!

Where Can I Find Dried Flowers?

Make Them Yourself - It is very simple to make your own dried flowers by simply hanging them upside down in an out of the way place. Try to arrange the flowers together first before hanging them upside down. Rearranging dried flowers after they have dried in an arrangement can be very messy and ruin your dried flower arrangement.

Online - There are actually a few online retailers that specialize in the sale of dried flowers. Type "dried flowers" or "dried flower arrangements" into any major search engine and you will have a top listing of a few companies that will sell you dried flowers. Often, these dried flowers come in arrangements that are already designed for you. Browse around and see what you find.

I hope you are now prepared to reconsider just tossing your dried flowers into the trash can the next time. Whether used in ef="/Arts and Crafts">arts and crafts or to make dried flower arrangements, dried flowers can be a fun and exciting way to breathe some new life into your dead flowers. We all need a second chance every now and then; dried flowers can be diamonds in the rough for your next project!