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Women may have the last laugh if they chose plain water over sweet drinks such as sodas or fruit juice, as a large new study has discovered that these had a lower risk of having diabetes.

The result is based on more than 80,000 women who are involved in more than 10 years of studies. From the observation of results, simply adds water to the sugary drinks to a person beverages will not make much of a difference. Instead, replace the sweet drinks with plain water could help keep away the metabolic disorder. It is already confirmed that sugary drinks are no good for diabetes risk, said one of the researcher from Harvard School of Public Health and Senior author for the study.

Often, people recommends drinking plain water to sugar-sweetened beverages. But the question is whether this kind of replacement has any impact on diabetes. The researchers collected data on 82,902 women who are asked about their diet and health conditions over a period of 12 years. During this period, 2,100 of them have developed diabetes.

From the data, it concludes that the amount of water that a woman drinks has no influence on their risk of getting diabetes. Those who drank more than six cups of water daily has the same risk as those who drank less than a cup daily. But sugar sweetened drinks and fruit drinks were connected to an increased risk of developing diabetes about 10 percent higher for each cup consumed each day.

The researchers estimated that if a woman replaced one cup of soda or juice with one cup of plain water, their risk of getting diabetes will fall by 7 or 8 percent. The study which are published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, they further discover that unsweetened coffee or tea can be a good replacements for sugary beverages. So ladies, be conscious about your health and starts to take action now.