Drinking a protein shake after working out is a must if you want to increase the amount of muscles you have in the most efficient way. Whether you are looking to increase your muscle mass or to lose weight, putting protein into your body within an hour after working out will help you achieve the results you are going after faster. This article will be about the pros as well as the cons of protein shakes. It will also be about how you can go about finding them for a decent price.

When you workout, what happens is that you are tearing the micro fibers of your muscles up. When force your muscles to push against heavy amounts of weight, this will eventually happen. Although this may sound like a bad thing, it is actually how your muscles get bigger. As your body repairs those torn fibers, it also builds more fibers to enable you to lift that amount of weight next time without causing too much damage. This is why you get stronger as well. In order to speed up the process of this muscle building, you will need certain nutrients in your body. This is wear protein comes in.

By feeding your body protein by doing things like drinking a protein shake or eating protein rich foods, you are giving your body what it needs to build strong healthy muscles. There is a limit to how much protein you should consume though. In general, you will want to consume two grams of protein for every pound that you weigh. Anymore than that and you'll just be wasting it down the toilet. Many people have seen different results with different amounts but you should be good if you stick to that general rule.

One of the cons of whey protein shakes is that they can be quite expensive. You can either get them pre-made or you can get them in powder form. Buying them in bulk in powder is a much more cost efficient way. The only issue with this is that you will have to make the shake yourself, but this is simple to do. Another con about a lot of these shakes is that they don't taste all too good. There are some brands that will taste better than others. You will want to try out different ones to see which ones you like best.

When it comes to buying these protein powders to make your protein shake, the best place to look for them is online. Getting them at the store will normally lead to paying way too much for them. You will want to compare the different prices to find the best deals. Keep in mind that many sites will have coupon or promo codes that can be found online as well. It is best to go for the big 5 pound bottles since it will cost you less per serving. A bottle should last you about 1 to 2 months depending on many shakes you make.

Over the past year, prices for proteins shakes have gone up for some reason but you can still save a load of money buying them in powder form. There are many different flavors you can choose from. The good thing about buying them in the stores such as GNC is that if you don't like the flavor, you can always exchange it for another one. With online stores, you normally wouldn't be able to do that. Once you find the flavor and brand that you like though, you will want to buy them online. Many sites will have free shipping as well for orders over a certain amount. Drinking a protein shake each day can cost you less if you do your homework and try to look for the best deals online.