Imagine this situation – the summer months are here and the weather has finally warmed up. You have a dog, specifically a big dog that consumes a great deal of water and loves to play. You enjoy watching your dog play and also enjoy playing with him. If this little imaginary, yet realistic scenario sounds familiar, then you may want to listen to this particular article as it address a very relative issue. Well, I wouldn't consider it as much of an "issue" as I would consider it a solution. If you are the type of pet owner that loves to play with your animal in the backyard or front yard, then it is an almost a necessity to provide that pet a supply of water that they can easily reach. I really don't get dogs and water. I mean, don't all of the experts say that a human can survive for about three days without water? I thought that was the saying, but then again, I am no biologist and therefore cannot really comment. In light of that particular saying or fact, whatever it may be, if humans can make it for that long without water, wouldn't dogs be similar? It makes sense on a certain level, but then again, we are different species. I just think the whole thing is ironic because they say that human beings can make it for three days without water and my black lab doesn't seem to be able to make it five minutes outside without drinking a whole bowl full of water. I take her outside in the summer, let her run around for a minute, and then after just a short period of time, there is she again, drinking that water.

So, after a bit of searching online for more information related to the particular topic, I came across some information regarding drinking fountains for dogs. This is basically a drinking fountain made for dogs if you were wondering. Well, as it turns out, these items really work! The basically take the hassle out of having to refill a dog bowl every five minutes with fresh, clean water, and having the dog have to wait a few minutes for some water as well. The basic concept of the device is for the dog to just come up to the drinking fountain and activate it by stepping on a lever or button and then be able to drink water. Cool yes – a little over the top….yes, but overall a really cool item.