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Women have been drinking organic raspberry tea during pregnancy for centuries. Discover unique properties of this herbal drink and find out, how to prepare the brew, which is rich in nutrients.

Do you know how often you need to drink it to experience its full benefits without any side effects? Which form of the tea is most efficient and where can you buy it? How safe is drinking of the raspberry tea during pregnancy? Let's start with an overview of the benefits of the brew.

What are the benefits of drinking organic raspberry leaf tea?

The consumption of this infusion has been traditionally associated with female health. This herbal drink helps to relieve menstrual cramps and enhances the feminine fertility.

However, it's especially beneficial for pregnant women, as it provides a plethora of nutrients. What can you find in a cup of an organic raspberry tea? A lot of vitamin E, certain amounts of vitamines A, E and B complex. Essential minerals like calcium, magnesium and potash are present in this pregnancy tea in the form of easy-to-absorb chemical components.

The most significant ingredient of the brew is an alkaloid fragrine, which has a toning and relaxing influence for the muscles of the pelvic region, including the uterus. Toning of these muscles helps to prevent hemorrhages and miscarriages.

Women, who frequently drink a raspberry herb tea during pregnancy are less likely to require an aid of forceps or a cesarean section during their childbirth. While some people claim it to be an unfounded belief, many women believe, that consumption of an ecological raspberry tea during pregnancy has helped them with easier and faster childbirth.

How to brew organic raspberry leaf tea?

First, boil the water and let it cool down a bit. Next, insert a tea bag into the cup and pour the hot water. Finally, let your raspberry tea steep in the cup for at least ten minutes. For a stronger brew, first cover the cup with the small plate to keep the steam inside.

Add some honey if you wish, but avoid any artificial sweeteners. If you dislike the drink, mix it with lemon juice to improve the taste. Squeeze a bit of juice yourself from fresh lemon and pour, when your tea has cooled a bit, so as to preserve vitamin C. You may let your herbal remedy chill and consume it as an herbal ice tea.

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How much of organic raspberry tea to drink during pregnancy?

While majority of experts believe, that this herbal drink is a completely safe solution for expecting women, some recommend an avoidance of this herbal tea in a first trimester of pregnancy, due to fear of too strong an influence. Do your own research and make a decision you are comfortable with.

A lot depends on your attitude towards herbal remedies and your taste preferences - although one can develop a taste for a raspberry tea with a bit of practice. Try drinking one cup a day, as it can help with nausea, as well as the gum and nose bleeding, Stop consuming this herbal remedy, if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Every source agrees that it's safe and desirable to start drinking an ecological raspberry tea in the 32nd week of pregnancy. Begin with sipping one cup a day, later add one cup more every two weeks, so that you consume four cups a day in weeks 39-40 or beyond.

Regular consumption of an organic raspberry tea prepares your uterus for childbirth, so that the cramps will be more efficient. However, avoid drinking this herbal tonic after childbirth, as it can diminish your milk production.

Where to buy organic raspberry leaf tea?

As you deserve only the best quality ingredients, make sure you use real organic herbs during pregnancy. This way you can avoid leaves sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers and obtain herbs exceptionally rich in nutrients. You can find high quality and yet affordable certified organic raspberry tea for sale at reputable online merchants like Amazon or in your local supermarket.

Try drinking this herbal remedy during pregnancy, like the generations of expecting women before you did - and enjoy the results.